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Arnolds Introduces the Next Great Cubicle Prank!


If you’ve worked in an office long enough, you’re bound to have witnessed an office prank or two.

You’ve seen the cubicle plastered in Post-it Notes or filled with packing peanuts, the desk covered in aluminum foil, and the stapler floating in Jell-O. Yawn!

Here at Arnolds Office Furniture, we were tired of seeing the same old office pranks recycled over and over again, so we decided to do something about it.

In celebration of April Fool’s Day, we partnered with to challenge innovative office pranksters worldwide to create the next generation of office gags in “The Next Great Cubicle Prank Contest.” We were thrilled (and a little disturbed) with the results.

To spice things up, we awarded $500 in cash prizes to the most creative cubicle-pranking masterminds. The top three funniest pranks (voted by users) each received $100 and the grand-prize winner (selected by received $200.

Thousands of users checked out the hilarious entries and many rose to the challenge and posted their own over-the-top pranks.

Congratulations to grand-prize winner Comet>Tail who struck while the iron was hot with his idea for The Waffle Cubicle, which he called The Waffletorium.

Before you ask, no, a Waffletorium is not IHOP’s newest competitor, it’s an ingenious gag that involves covering a cubicle or office entirely in waffles.

(Here’s the pre-waffled cubicle of Kate, one of our unsuspecting employees. Keep reading for the final result.)

The perfect prank for the breakfast-loving co-worker in your office, building the Ultimate Waffle Cave requires no more than some tape or tacks, a few kitchen-themed accessories and a whole lotta waffles.

“A large box of Bisquick costs about $3, and will make up to 100 waffles. Your job – make about 1,000 of them, and then cover the entire cubicle with them,” Comet>Tail suggested.

“To carry out the prank, first cover any cloth walls with plastic wrap to prevent oil stains, then use tape (double-sided or duct) or tack to hang up the waffles. For added effect, put a plate, knife, fork, napkin butter and syrup where your co-worker normally sits (Southerners can feel free to substitute chicken for syrup).”

We here at Arnolds loved the Waffletorium so much, we decided to try it out on one of our co-workers.


(Yes, we even waffled the computer monitor. We figured it needed a byte to eat. Get it?)

Other notable pranks included the “Cubicle Trifecta” (appropriately the third place winner), which combines Post-its, foil and peanuts in one devilish act; second-place winner “Defensive Fighting Position,” which requires sandbags and camouflage netting; and the funniest “Poobicle,” which we’ll just leave up to your imagination.

Kudos to all of our devious participants. No office is safe with you out there.

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