Arnolds Introduces Open Plan Office Furniture

Open plan offices are more popular than ever before, as companies realize the advantages of a workspace free from walls and dividers. Arnolds Office Furniture now offers open plan office furniture for companies that want to reap the financial and collaborative benefits of an open environment.

Open plan offices are cheaper to plan and stock. Unlike plans with private offices or static cubicles, open workspaces are easily scalable for companies that add new employees. Arnolds Office Furniture offers additional savings by creating open office furniture from repurposed parts. The office furniture looks and functions exactly like brand-new equipment, but for up to 50 percent off the price.


“If we can help a company install an open plan workstation concept and do it for half the price, there’s no reason why even small or start-up businesses can’t reap the benefits of this type of workplace design,” says Jay Berkowitz, owner of Arnolds Office Furniture.

These new, streamlined office plans also offer increased opportunity for collaboration among teams, making open office plans particularly attractive to creative industries like IT, advertising, and media. Arnolds’ open plan office furniture allows companies to foster teamwork while still allowing individuals privacy for heads-down work.


In addition, a recent study by Armstrong World Industries showed that acoustical partitions and ceiling tiles, when used with sound masking, blocked distracting sounds better than old-fashioned doors and office walls. Employees also have more access to natural light in an open office plan workspace than in a traditional office or cubicle plan.

Best of all, open offices might boost productivity.

“Organizations that require employee interdependence and go with the open workstation plans typically see noticeable increases in productivity,” says Berkowitz. “We’re excited to offer these products at very competitive price points while reusing resources at the same time.”