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8 Ways to Create a Happy and Sustainable Workplace

The happy workplace wasn’t always one of the main goals of a company. For the last couple of decades, employees were just people sitting in their offices, doing their job. However, millennials have been changing the game for quite some time now. They expect different working conditions from their employers, different approach to business and they want employers to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace.Otherwise, millennials just won’t be interested in working in, what they would call, “an obsolete and unproductive working system”. There are certain things they prefer in the workplace and in a couple of steps, it’s possible to create a company where they would enjoy working.

1. Hire positive people

Of course, it’s important to take professional skills and education into consideration; an employer needs to have capable people who know their job. Still, don’t let that be the only thing you’re looking for in an employee. A good candidate on paper can be an awful employee once they are in a team. While interviewing a candidate, pay attention to little things. Do they smile? Do they seem like a positive person? Do you think they will fit in with the rest of your employees? Does the candidate seem too serious and gloomy? You don’t need them to ruin the positive energy around the office.

2. Get comfortable chairs

Your employees spend a lot of their working hours sitting by the computer. It’s not one of the most natural positions for our bodies, to begin with, so don’t save up money by buying lousy and uncomfortable chairs. Back pain is one of the main causes why workers have to take a sick leave. Invest in high-quality office equipment and give the employees comfort they deserve.

3. Be interested in them

From time to time, it’s good to ask your employees how they’re doing and what’s new in their lives. Millennials like to feel they are cared for. They are not just nameless people working for you and you need to show them that. Nobody expects you spend half a day chatting with them, but an honest “How are you?” can go a long way.

4. Break the routine

It’s easy to forget about socializing when your head is stuck in papers and obligations. Still, it’s never impossible to organize a little surprise for your workers from time to time. A movie afternoon or a gathering with pizza and popcorn, or even a whole day at an amusement park can lift up the spirits and show your employees that it’s not all just about work.

5. Accent the positive sides

The secret of every successful company is to be aware of the mistakes and things that could have been done better. But if you constantly bring up the negative sides and concentrate on them, soon you’ll notice the gloomy atmosphere in the workplace. Show people that their work is appreciated by stressing out the great things they have achieved and the positive sides of every project. If you look for the good stuff, you’ll find them.

6. Create opinion-free environment

Every employee should feel that their opinion is appreciated and equal to other employee’s opinion, no matter the hierarchy. You can let them know their ideas and suggestions are valued by gathering employees together and allow them to comment on projects, company’s policies and assignments. Brainstorming also means that sometimes a conflict can arise between employees. It’s smart to be prepared ahead, as Hawk Segal specialists always are, for easing the conflict and ensuring it to be constructive and not damaging.

7. Have a pet plant

It’s nice to have a tiny part of nature in the office. Don’t let it be a cold and sterile place. A wisely chosen plant won’t need too much maintenance, but it will do two things – first, it will add some color and natural surrounding into the office, and second – it will make the employees take care of something together that connects them with the workplace in a positive way.

8. Set up a fair policy

Don’t allow that the same rule applies differently to different employees. If a senior worker makes a certain mistake, deal with it in the same way as you deal with junior staff. Otherwise, you’ll create the atmosphere of inequality in the office, which will certainly lead to discontent. Staff policy should be clear and fair to everybody, regardless of their age or position.


Every company owner needs to realize that it’s necessary to modernize the organization in the workplace and change their approach to the employees and business itself if they want to have millennials in their team and attract more of them to join. New generations are coming and it’s about time to update the workplace for them.


Thank you Hannah Thomas for sharing ways to create a happy and sustainable workplace!

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    Oct 25

    Harley Quinn

    I am reading this enormous paragraph to improve my knowledge. It’s because that it’s very useful for everyone doing DIY works. I have some more information that can help. 🙂

      Oct 25

      Miranda Quinn


      Glad you found this information helpful!



    Nov 16


    Great article! There’s a lot to be said about hiring the right people and making sure they stay happy so they stay with the company. That’s why I think numbers 1, 3 and 5 are the best in this article. Having a pet plant is great too, haha! The industry that I work in, Madison Movers , can tend attract people who are a little rough around the edges, but I’ve found that talking to them and letting them open up really brings out a stronger bond between employee and employer.

    Thanks again for the great article Hannah and Miranda!

      Nov 20

      Miranda Quinn


      Thank you! Yes, it definitely is important to make sure your employees are happy we well as show them that you are interested in how they are doing! I believe the more happy your employees are, the between they will work.


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