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6 Things Every Used Cubicle Needs

Believe it or not, you can find used cubicles that are also high-quality and high-style -- like these Herman Miller workspaces. Just make sure to do your homework first.

Believe it or not, you can find used cubicles that are also high-quality and high-style, like these Herman Miller workspaces. Just make sure to do your homework first.

Shopping for used cubicles instead of brand new is a smart move; not only can it save you money, but it’s also better for the environment. They’re the ideal solution for small businesses, new businesses with limited funds or businesses that needs a temporary furniture solution and you can often find high-quality, name-brand pieces to suit your style.

But buyer beware. Before laying down any amount of money for furniture (even if it’s the best deal ever), you need to ensure that the furniture isn’t damaged beyond repair and that it accommodates your needs.

Don’t end up with a dud, so use this handy checklist that includes six things that every used used cubicle needs:

1. Good design: For employees, clients and job recruits, aesthetics are important and an attractive, clean office sends a message that you run a high quality business. When shopping for used cubicles and workstations, look for pieces that have a more timeless, classic appeal, which offers more long-term value and is easier to find complementing pieces for as your business grows, and that will look attractive in your office. Don’t forget to measure you’re office space before shopping to ensure that whatever you find will fit in the space.

2. Flexibility: Chances are, if you’re buying used cubicles, you might be a smaller company or startup with a tight budget. Ideally your business will grow over time, which means you want to look for pieces that are easy to move and reconfigure and so that they will grow along with your company.

3. Quality: Everyone loves a bargain, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality. Make sure the pieces you purchase are clean and well maintained. Avoid workstations with large or obvious stains, dents, tears or broken pieces. Remember, reputable used furniture retailer like Arnolds will often clean and refurbish desks, chairs and other pieces before selling them.

4. Connectivity: Technology has become the heartbeat of business, so it’s important to shop for cubicles that can easily accommodate it. Workstations should have outlets where desktop computers or laptops, smartphones, tablets and task lighting can be plugged in easily as well as the ability to hide cords and cables.

5. Storage: Despite all that new digital technology, businesses do still generate paperwork that needs to be stored, not to mention that employees like having a place to stow their personal belongings during the workday. Shop for workstations that have drawers or cabinets, and make sure to test them out before buying if you can to ensure that they’re still functioning.

6. Parts: One of the risks of buying used cubicles on sites like Craigslist or via eBay is that when they’re left at your door and you go to assemble them, you’ll find that parts are missing. If possible, visit a showroom to ensure that the pieces can be properly assembled and that you’re going to have to search for missing connectors, cantilevers or rails.

Start shopping for at wide-selection of high quality, name brand used cubicles at Arnolds.

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