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Halloween Cubicle

6 Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Office Cubicle

It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween out there, and hopefully, your office cubicle is following suit. If your office allows it, dressing up your cubicle is the perfect way to add a little spice to the workday and give your coworkers something to talk about.

Not the creative type? Not a problem. Our list of 6 Halloween Decorating Ideas for your Office Cubicle should give you a good start:

For easy on/easy off, masking tape works great for creating the outline of a “body.” Have fun with the shapes – make your “body” into an interesting person by going above and beyond the typical outline. Crime scene tape, fingerprint dusting powder (baby powder works well for this), footprints and assorted clues all help to round out the theme.

For some, nothing beats the ease of picking up a $2 pack of fake spider webs and weaving them about the office or cubicle. If that’s all you can muster in the name of Halloween spirit (or if that’s all your boss will tolerate), this is a completely acceptable decorating theme. Just be sure to use the plastic spiders that come in the pack for that little element of surprise, and use as much of the web as possible.

Pumpkins and scarecrows are old hats for Halloween office decor. Instead, dress up your cubicle in garb from another holiday. Fourth of July, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and New Year’s Eve are all great choices, but if you want to get a jump on Christmas, you’ll save yourself some time when December rolls around. Christmas trees, ornaments, snowflakes, greeting cards and, of course, presents, all make for fun and easy accessories.

1. Skulls, Hands and Skeletons, Oh My!

For a quick and easy theme that is sure to get attention, round up all the plastic bones you can find and place them strategically around your cube. A full-body skeleton next to your doorway or in your visitor’s chair is particularly effective, as is a rubber hand coming out of a drawer. Get creative and don’t be afraid to have fun – this is the only time of year this kind of decorating theme won’t raise eyebrows!

You’d be hard-pressed to find a mass retailer that doesn’t have a large variety of “headstones” for sale this time of year. If you have space, assembling several gravesites around your cubicle, intertwined with faux rats and crows, is a great Halloween decorating theme. Bonus points for running a fog machine if your boss will allow it. You can also bring in a bag or bucket of dirt and hide it under your desk for that freshly-dug grave scent.

2. Island Flavor

Need a little break from traditional cube life? Try adding a little island style to your office space for a carefree vibe (and great Halloween “dress up” decor). Fake palm trees, grass skirts tacked up along cabinetry or desk edges, beach balls, hammocks and the like will make your space the star of the show. Just be sure you don’t get too relaxed or the boss might have something to say about it!

3. Scary Movies ‘n More

Movie buffs will love displaying posters from some of the best horror flicks around. Search for Nightmare on Elm Street, Carrie, Halloween and more to pin up on your fabric cubicle walls. A mannequin outfitted with a hockey mask a la Jason from Friday the 13th would be a nice touch. Simple, easy, effective…and scary!

4. Witchy Woman (or Vile Vampire)

A witch’s lair for the ladies or vampire vault for the guys are great themes for Halloween cubicle decorating. For witches, a plastic cauldron (with fog, if possible), brooms, bats, eyeballs, rats and, of course, tall black hats will fill your space nicely. For the gents, a makeshift coffin should replace the witch’s cauldron, but the rats and bats can stay. A set of strategically placed plastic fangs offers that authentic touch. Don’t forget the mood music, if possible.

5. Dungeons and Dragons

One of the more elaborate of our decorating suggestions, this dungeon theme features “brick” walls, shackles and chains, spider webs, creepy critters and more. Using a blacklight to produce an eerie glow is optimal, as is a soundtrack of moaning and clanking. Have fun with this and go all out – you just might win the office-wide decorating contest!

6. Rock the Catwalk

Decorate your cubicle or office space with items found on a photoshoot set for that “I’m a star” feeling! A gilded mirror, modeling snapshots, film strips, feather boas, and a catwalk fashioned in between a row of cubicles will lead you and your coworkers into a Halloween of high style and fun. For the catwalk, place metallic fabric on the floor and secure, edge with tube lights if possible and line with a row of chairs, if space permits. Take turns posing for pics in your Halloween costumes, then vote for the best “model” during your office party. Fun!

Do you have any other great cubicle or office decorating suggestions? We’d love to hear them – please share in the comments below. And have yourself a Spooktacularly Happy Halloween!

Photo credit: slworking2 / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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