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5 Ways to Create a Cubicle That’s Going to Earn You a Promotion

The internet is stuffed with articles telling you how to organize your cubicle in order to seem more professional. And while we would, of course, love to have the boss’s good opinion and respect, there’s something that’s even more important to us: money. Specifically, the kind of money that comes with a nice big promotion. With this in mind, we present to you the best things to do to your office cubicle in order to get the promotion you so richly deserve.

1. Keep It Tidy.


We know — we roll our eyes at this one, too. But a totally messy cubicle isn’t going to impress the big wigs. You want your work space to give the impression of an organized person who’s really on top of their game. Ideally, they should look at your cubicle and absorb the message that you’ve got everything under control, without even realizing that’s what’s happening.

2. Develop Systems.


If you’re not naturally a clean freak, set up regularly scheduled times for organizing your space. Business Management Daily recommends weekly 15-minute cleaning blocks, which is doable on anyone’s schedule.

3. We Said “Tidy,” Not “Sterile.”


Sure, there are some creepy companies out there with policies about family photos, and we would never encourage you to wallpaper your cube walls with images of any kind — whether they’re your nephew’s kindergarten graduation or collages of LOLcats. But a few personal photos let people know that you’re human. They make you seem more relatable; and in business, relatable is a good thing.

4. Use Your Space Better.


This is something that might get easier by necessity, as workers tend to have less and less personal space at the office. But until the day when we’re all working in space-age pods like Bruce Willis’s apartment in “The Fifth Element,” we ‘re going to have to consciously remember not to use our cubicles as dumping grounds. It’s all too easy to start thinking of that empty filing cabinet or under-desk space as a place to store shoes, mail, etc., but that’s where madness (or at least, untidiness) lies.

5. Make Your Cubicle Welcoming.


If you want the boss to drop by and talk, you need to give him or her a place to perch. This is easier said than done in some work spaces, but if you can, try to snag a guest chair for visitors (and don’t just use it for storing old coats and the packages you just cleaned out from under your desk). If you don’t have room for extra furniture, try turning your monitor a bit so that you’re facing out at traffic. It will stop you from being so startled when someone comes up behind you with a question and give you time to put on a friendly face before answering.


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