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5 Ways for Your Office to Go Green (and Save Money, Too)

What’s the best part about adopting more environmentally-friendly practices at the office? If you said “saving the planet,” you’re a nicer person than we are. Because while we’re always pleased to be able to do something for mother earth, in this economy, we’d be lying if we said our favorite part of going green wasn’t saving green — as in money.

These are just a few of the things you can do to be kinder to the planet, while saving a little bit of your extra (ha!) cash:

1. Recycle


You knew this one was coming. Recycling is the always No. 1 on every list of how to help the environment. But what you probably didn’t know is that it’s also a great way to save money. Many communities have “cash for trash” programs that will net you a little bit of extra moolah for hauling your aluminum cans to a recycling center instead of putting them out on the curb. And if you have higher value metals like copper or steel lying around, you can make even more.

2. Reuse and Repair


Think twice before you toss out that broken coffee maker or printer. If it can be fixed, you’ll save the money you’d have spent on a brand-new replacement — plus, all that space in the landfill.

3. Reduce


Encourage your employees to share documents digitally, over email or via the cloud, and you’ll spend much less on paper. What’s bad news for the folks at Dunder Mifflin is good news for your bottom line.

The same goes for things like disposable coffee cups and plastic cutlery. Provide washable mugs and real silverware, and you’ll cut down on trash and the costs associated with buying all the plastic picnicware. Not to mention how happy your employees will be when they can actually cut their pizza on Pizza Day.

4. Donate


If you have furniture or equipment that you really can’t use any longer, or just can’t stand to look at anymore, consider donating it to a worthy cause. You’ll be making an ecofriendly choice, while helping someone who really needs it. (Plus, you’ll get a nice tax write-off.)

5. Buy and Sell Used


Finally, if you do decide you need new office furniture, look into buying used equipment that’s been lovingly refurbished back to like-new quality. It’s cheaper than buying all new stuff, and no one but you and your accountant will know the difference. If you’re interested in saving money on your office furniture, drop us a line and we’ll talk about your office’s needs.

Images: mrlaugh/Flickr, goodrob13/Flickr, Derrick Coetzee/Flickr, akeg/Flickr, Arnolds Office Furniture

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