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5 TV Shows That Have Made Cubicles Fun Again

Offices have a reputation for being boring. Something about spending 8 – 12 hours a day toiling away under fluorescent lights, while smelling other people’s lunches, and listening to their phone conversations just does not spell “fun” to most people. This is because most people are not the creators of television comedies. If we could live in the alternate reality presented by these TV shows, we’d never mind going to work again.

1. The Office
British version, or American, you ask? Either one, really, but let’s go with American, since that’s where our office cubicles are located. Also, the American version is the only one we’d consider working in. At least at Dunder-Mifflin, you have bizarre holiday parties and office pranks to look forward to.

2. Parks and Recreation
Parks and Rec is possibly the nicest workplace comedy ever filmed — unless you’re the hapless Jerry, who’s the butt of so many jokes. (We’d feel sorry for him were it not for his inexplicable love of the font comic sans.) Everything about this show is hilarious, from Amy Poehler’s relentlessly cheery and determined bureaucrat to Aziz Ansari’s astonishingly unsavvy wannabe mogul. Really, though, we just want to work in an office where new employees are greeted with an office full of balloons and a 10 a.m. waffle explosion.

3. Workaholics
If only our post-college working experience had been as hilarious as Workaholics. Alas, it was heavy on making copies and light on hijinks. This show, which features three recent college grads boozing their way through their first telemarketing gig, is so popular, it’s spawned its own dictionary. (We would share some terms with you, but we couldn’t find any that were PG-rated.)

4. 30 Rock
Sure, it seems like it’d be easier to have fun at work if your office was a TV studio, but Liz Lemon’s problems — a hardheaded boss, lazy coworkers, slashed budgets — are the problems of every mid-level manager. Still, everything looks like it’s more fun when Liz does it. And we have to give loads of credit to anyone who understands both the functional beauty of Slankets and the rare and delicious bouquet of off-brand deli corn chips.

5. Archer
If Arrested Development and James Bond had a baby, it would be Archer — both the show, and the title character. Sterling Archer might be the world’s most dangerous spy, but he’s also the most hilariously awful coworker ever. He hits on every staff member in a skirt, steals money from the company, and drinks constantly. Heck, he probably wouldn’t have a job if his Mom didn’t own the company. So why do we say this is still one of the most fun offices on TV? Well, for one thing, no one ever seems to be doing any work. Even the human resources director spends most of her time abusing her power and menacing the staff with hand puppets. And if you could be Archer himself … well, you’d definitely have the best gig of all time.

Images: 1., 2., 3., 4. NBC/30-rock, 5.

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