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5 Tips for Improving Your Office Feng Shui

Feel like your office cubicle has bad vibes? It might be more than bad lighting and poor morale. Feng shui, the art of balancing the energy of a space, can give your office and your spirits a lift. Here’s how to improve your office’s feng shui.

1. Don’t Sit in the Doorway.
Sitting in the doorway of your cubicle or office puts you in the path of negative energy, according to feng shui principles. From a practical perspective, it puts you in the pathway of bosses or coworkers who might ask you for assignments or waste your time talking about reality TV shows in which you have no interest. So one way or the other — negative energy in the doorway. Avoid it.

2. Instead, Sit Farther From the Door.
Supposedly, this gives you a “command” position. We’ve also noticed that it correlates strongly with not being surprised by people sneaking up behind you and tapping you on the shoulder while you’re perusing the internet instead of getting ready for that meeting. Definitely a good choice for promoting good vibes.

3. Working out of Your Home? Don’t Keep Your Back to the Door.
Feng shui devotees feel that keeping your back to the door will symbolically turn you away from new business, which is definitely not something you want if you have your own business.

4. Place Your Computer Carefully.
Put your computer in the north or the west part of your office in order to inspire creativity, or in the southeast if you’re focused on earning more money. Don’t face a corridor, stairway, elevator or toilet, as it may “flush” away good energy. (No, we are not kidding.)

5. Don’t Have Any Mirrors in Your Work Space.
Mirrors can reflect bad energy from clients, coworkers, and guests. Also, and we speak from experience here, it’s really hard not to stare at a mirror if it’s hanging right near your desk. This leads to lost productivity and also your coworkers thinking you’re crazy.

See that? Feng shui is real!

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