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5 Tips for Buying Used File Cabinets

Planning an office? Here’s something you probably forgot about: No matter how digitally advanced your company is, chances are, you probably still have some physical files. And having physical files means that you need an actual place to store them.

Your best bet is to shop for used file cabinets, which are obviously cheaper than brand-new, but pretty much indistinguishable from something you’d buy right from the factory. (Especially if you . Ahem.)

Here are five tips for getting a great deal on used file cabinets.

1. Figure out how many files you really need to keep.


Everyone has worked for one of those companies that keeps files for years longer than they need to. Dig around in the corporate archives, and you’ll find bills of sale so yellowed and dated, you’re not sure whether to toss them out or donate them to the Smithsonian. Don’t be one of these companies. Only keep physical files when you absolutely have to. You’ll save space, which means that you’ll save money.

2. Shop around.


Used file cabinets are cheaper than new, of course, but there’s a wide range of prices, depending on what you need and where you buy.

3. Figure out if you need fireproof file cabinets.


If you really do need to keep those paper files, chances are you can’t afford to lose them in the event of a fire. In that case, look into buying fireproof file cabinets. We have a wide variety, including cabinets by respected manufacturers like FireKing and Schwab.

4. Make sure to factor in delivery costs.


Some sellers offer free delivery; others charge extra. Whichever option you choose, make sure you budget in shipment of your “new” file cabinets. Anyone who’s ever bought a $50 table from IKEA only to pay $150 in shipping charges knows how delivery can add up.

5. Check for keys.

lost keys

A true story to illustrate the importance of this one little step: A few years ago, a friend of ours worked for a company that renovated their offices. One major selling point was that everyone in the office would get all new furniture, including enough file cabinets to store their voluminous paper files. Our friend received two shiny new cabinets … without keys. They might as well have sent her plant stands instead.

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