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5 Things You Should Know About an Office Furniture Auction

Brand-new office furniture can be pricey and unnecessary: If you can get used furniture that’s properly refurbished, no one will ever know that you didn’t shell out top dollar. But where can you find bargains like these? Many office managers hit furniture auctions to find deals on gently-used furniture. If you’re considering it, here’s what you should know.

1. There Are Rules


Auctions have their own sets of rules and regulations. Learn them before you go. You’ll avoid irritations both minor (embarrassing yourself in front of other attendees) and major (finding out that sales tax is tacked on after, and winding up with a worse deal than you thought).

2. Bidding Is Both an Art and a Science


Make sure you’re familiar with the description of the furniture before you bid. Familiarize yourself with the brand, quality, and quantity of items for sale. No one wants to walk away with a hundred chairs when they only needed 20, no matter how good a deal they’re getting. Once it’s time to bid, try not to go first. You could wind up driving up the price on something no one else was going to bid for, doing yourself out of a deal and paying handsomely for the privilege. Remember that auctioneers often get a cut of the proceeds. Don’t assume that the first price they mention is the rock-bottom figure. If no one else bids, the price will go down.

3. Don’t Assume You Can Fix It Yourself


You might be a DIY wizard around your home, but are you really interested in steam-cleaning 30 ergonomic chairs? Probably not. Try to buy office furniture that’s already in usable condition. Remember that your time is worth money, too.

4. Read the Fine Print


Auctions are generally a “buyer beware” situation. Rarely is there a , something that could come back to haunt you if you find out your lot of secondhand filing cabinets doesn’t fit into your office space.

5. You Have Alternatives


And finally, if the auction option just isn’t for you, there’s always an alternative. Buying from a reputable dealer (cough, Arnolds Office Furniture, cough) removes any chance of getting carried away or cheated at auction. Plus, you’re guaranteed professionally refinished furniture that looks as good or better than it did when it rolled off the line. Contact us to find out what we have to suit your needs.

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