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5 Surprising Stats About Office Holiday Parties

For those of us who slave away in office cubicles, the holiday party season is a welcome relief from the daily grind. That’s assuming, of course, that your company is actually doing a holiday party this year, and that it’ll be the kind of shindig you’d actually want to attend. Today’s parties aren’t like the big blowouts of yesteryear. Below, some of the more surprising stats about office holiday parties.

1. 68 percent of offices will have a holiday party
That’s just about flat from last year, . (And no, we did not make that name up, although we wish we had.) That’s still better than 2009, when only 62 percent of offices had parties. If those numbers sound pretty good, try working at a place that insists on business as usual during the holiday season. It’s basically one long exercise in futility, as you repeatedly try to explain to your boss that no one is calling you back, because everyone else is at a party.

2. 25 percent of parties will be booze-free
Less whimsically named outplacement consulting firm that nearly a quarter of companies will stick to soft drinks this year. The good news is that it’ll be harder to embarrass yourself at this year’s holiday party. The bad news is that this is because there won’t be anything to drink but warm Sprite and your own tears.

3. 95 percent of companies will spend the same amount as last year
Of companies throwing parties, 95 percent are planning to spend the same on this year’s party as they did on last year’s. Which sounds super, just as long as last year’s party budget wasn’t a couple of nickels and some pocket lint that the laundry missed.

4. 30 percent will throw this year’s party at their office
Remember that swanky bar your company booked for the 2007 holiday party? We barely do either. This year, you’re much more likely to be partying at your office. Which feels sort of like when high schools throw a prom in their own gym, but is better than nothing, we guess.

5. 60 percent of parties will be employee-only
Thinking of bringing your spouse to your office holiday party? Think again. Sixty percent of companies surveyed say that they’ll limit the holiday party to employees. But since you’re going to be dancing on your own desk while chugging soft drinks and pretending that the creepy guy from accounting is a convincing Santa Claus, perhaps this is for the best.

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