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5 Signs Your Office Is Still Stuck in the 20th Century

Technology is amazing. We can have meetings without ever leaving our home, talk to people without picking up a telephone, and schedule our whole lives without buying a single calendar or physical organizer. You can run an empire from a cubicle — or from your sofa, in your jammies, and never have to buy pantyhose or ties again.

Pretty much, we live in the future. Sadly, many offices have yet to get the memo. Here are some signs that your office is stuck in the 20th century.

1. CRT Monitors
Ah, cathode ray tube: You made Saturday morning cartoons possible, lit up the far corner of our dorm rooms, and gave a face to computer super villains in movies throughout our childhood. But now it’s time for you to retire. If your company still has great, hulking CRT monitors, it’s maybe time to get with the 21st century. Or, you know, the last part of the 20th.

2. Fax Machines
“But wait,” we hear you say. “The fax machine isn’t obsolete! Why, I used one just the other day. Or was it last week? Anyway, there was a contract that needed to go out, and I used the fax machine to send it.” To which, we respond: “Are you sure?” Because we have never in our lives had a fax go out successfully on the first try. Also, there are these things called scanners now, which come in handy if you really must make an actual copy of a document. It’s time to end this obsolete and completely annoying technology once and for all.

3. Dot Matrix Printers
promotion_dick smith glossy ad booklet back
You could have knocked us over with a piece of paper when we found out that some offices still use dot matrix printers. There are some advantages to using them for businesses that need high-volume, low-cost printing. But to us, they always look like they should be used to log your high scores in Pong.

4. Offices
Here’s one to break the hearts of anyone who started his career during the ’70s and ’80s: Actual offices — the kind with a door that locks — seem to be fading from popularity. The good news is that lots of companies are rethinking cubicles, too, so it’s not like you’re necessarily going to wind up stuck in a tiny burlap cube with Nina from Corporate Accounts Payable droning on two feet from your head. But if you still have an office-office, you’re either very important, or you work at a company that’s behind the times, or you have an actual time machine.

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