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5 Photos of the Most Trashed Office Furniture

There are many things we love about the internet: gossip on any subject from celebrity marriages to new versions of the iPhone, the ability to spy on your high school sweetheart via social media, and services that will deliver cannolis or shoes, right to your front door. But there is perhaps nothing better in the world of internet time-wasting than looking at pictures of totally trashed items that do not, thank goodness, belong to you. Here are some of our favorite photos of completely ruined office furniture. Be grateful none of these things are sitting in your office right now.

Backless Office Chair, Covered in Fleas or Something


This poor old office chair is obviously waiting for someone to let it into whatever’s behind that gate. We hope it’s either Disney World or Graceland. Something really fun and kitschy, to make up for all the terrible things that have clearly happened to this chair.

There Used to Be These Things Called Pigeon Holes


And this is what they looked like. Minus the 12 feet of radioactive dust and … window blinds, we’re guessing? Whatever that stuff is, it’s pretty sad. This is what happens when a competing technology makes your function obsolete. No one ever thinks about the office furniture that gets put out of business when something like email is adopted.

The Collapsible Chair Is Extra Good at Collapsing


We like to think that this chair is the unfortunate by-product of a worthy experiment. Our idea goes like this: someone was trying to invent the world’s first totally collapsible, travel-friendly office chair. In the idea stage, this project resembled the love child of camp chairs and those little sponge animals who grow when you put them in water. In practice, it looked like someone had run some office furniture through one of those chicken separating machines. Hey, sometimes great ideas just don’t pan out.

Optimus Prime Is Here to Save the Day


There is actually nothing wrong with this table. It’s just that it’s a Transformer. The picture might look like an action shot of a guy trying — and failing — to assemble a piece of furniture. But actually, it’s just a photographic record of the table transforming into the robotic savior that will defend the earth from the Decepticons.

This Desk Is On Fire


That’s it. That’s the whole story.

Images: withassociates/Flickr, sindesign/Flickr, , withassociates/Flickr, …love Maegan, borispumps/Flickr

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