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5 Office Furniture Must-Haves

So you’d like to buy some office furniture. Well, OK, maybe you wouldn’t like to buy some. On the big list of things you’d love to spend money on, office furniture is probably somewhere below (far below) a trip to Disneyland and a lifetime supply of chocolate cake.

However, if you’re going to set up an office, or redo the one you have, you’re sort of stuck. The best you can do is to make sure you’ve got all the essentials covered. Plan ahead, and you can save your extra money for the things you’d really like to splurge on.

This is the office furniture you really need.

1. Reception Furniture


The reception area is the first thing your clients and guests see. Make it count by buying a nice-looking reception station. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as it looks, either. Used reception furniture looks as good as new and costs a fraction of the price.

2. Guest Chairs


While we’re on the subject of your guests, give them somewhere to sit, both in your reception area and in the office in general. Comfy, elegant looking guest chairs are a must-have for any office.

3. Desks or Tables


Even if you go for the full open office experience, you’ll need something for your workers to put their computers on. Before making your choice, decide how much storage your employees will need, and whether it makes sense to make their seating areas more or less private. (More privacy is better for businesses that require confidential conversations; less privacy could save money, since you can put more workers at a long table without adding desks.)

4. Ergonomic Chairs


Whether they sit at long tables or private desks, in office cubicles or out in the open, your employees deserve a comfortable place to sit while they’re working. Used ergonomic chairs look just as snazzy as the brand-new, $900 versions you find in office catalogues and protect your workers from repetitive stress injuries just as well.

5. Conference Tables


All the chat software in the world can’t replace a good old-fashioned face-to-face meeting. Get at least one really nice conference table for serious, sit-down meetings. Depending on how open your work environment is, you might also want to consider adding one or two smaller tables in less formal conference rooms, for staff members to use at informal meetings.

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