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5 Office Accessories to Artify Your Office Space

Let’s face it: When we say “office” and “art” in the same sentence, you probably aren’t thinking of anything you’d see in a museum. You’re probably envisioning something more like cast-off dentist office prints and weird, bloopy obelisks that look like the set designer from “Mad Men” went off the deep end. But this doesn’t have to be! With a little imagination, you can bring your creative spirit into your office cubicles. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

1. The Wooden Keyboard


Sometimes, it feels like our whole office is made out of plastic. That’s what makes this keyboard so fascinating: a standard Apple keyboard, it’s been converted to a more natural-looking aesthetic by artist Robbie Tilton. The green stuff is the fake moss you often see in model train sets, and the keys are wood — you know, the stuff our grandparents’ desks were made of, back in the olden days.

2. The Steampunk Laptop


What has claw legs, violin holes for speaker covers, and looks like something Captain Nemo would use to compose his tweets? The steampunk laptop. The one in the picture is sadly not for sale, but its creator plans to make more in the future, including a netbook version that would be just perfect for your next expedition. (Or for freaking out your coworkers at the next staff meeting.)

3. The Fortune Mouse


Not into that old timey vibe? Maybe the Fortune Mouse is more your speed. Created by Brazilian designer Atila Rossito, this titanium and plastic accessory looks more like a prop from a science fiction movie than something most people would use in an office. That’s what makes it perfect for spicing up your space.

4. DIY Computer Monitor Frame


The geniuses at Apartment Therapy alerted us to this awesome piece of office decor. With some felt, a piece of cardboard, and a little spare time, you can make your computer monitor look like a picture frame. If you can cut and assemble quietly, we might have found a project to keep you occupied during your next conference call.

5. Quilted iPad Sleeve


Even if you’re not a shabby chic person, you have to admit that there’s something really charming about the juxtaposition between the super-contemporary iPad and this crafty homemade sleeve. Bonus points for the measuring tape motif in the center star pattern.

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