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5 Filthiest Office Cubes in the World

When it comes to organizing our cubicles, we all have a system. Some of us use index cards and file folders. Some of us are digital creatures, with carefully-updated smartphones and clean desktops. Some of our setups, though, are a little harder to figure out. In fact, to the uninitiated, it might look like our systems are merely piles of paper strewn about our desks.

But no matter how gross your cubicle is, there’s no way you can compete with these five worker bees. Their cubicles are possibly the filthiest in the world. Certainly, they’re the grossest the internet has to offer.

1. The Hoarder.
The person who works in this cubicle would have a tough time convincing us that he had any kind of system at all. There’s nary a folder or organizer in sight, and the pile of papers in the corner says, “I’ll just toss this here for now … or for the next five years.” Extra added bonus points for the hand lotion collection in the lower left-hand corner of the desk.

2. The Stacker.
The scariest thing about this desk is that it looks like there might be an organizational principle of some sort. The stacks of paper look like they’re intended to provide some sense of order. Either that, or they’re an art project we just don’t understand. In any case, it’s hard to picture anyone being able to lay their hands on that TPS report in a hurry.

3. The Mess That Ate the Cubicle.
This picture actually filled us with a sense of dread. There are messes and there are messes. When yours grows so large that it eats your cubicle wall and obscures the view of the rest of the office, you might have a serious problem.

4. The Robot Graveyard.
Oh, look, it’s Dad’s basement. Or the cubicle of a person who can’t get rid of a monitor for any reason, ever. We know it’s hard to throw things away, but trust us: You will never use that giant white monitor again. It’s perfectly safe to recycle it. Or use it as a planter. Whichever. Just don’t leave it on a shelf next to a wealth of other obsolete equipment. This is the tech equivalent of a row of severed heads.

5. Office Decor by CSI.
It starts out innocently enough. You pin a picture of your nephew to your cubicle wall, or tape your favorite bumper sticker over your monitor. Over time, the photos and memorabilia grow and grow, and eventually your cubicle looks like a serial killer’s lair on a detective program. Or the interior of a Ground Round circa 1985.

Images: 1. Jeffrey Beall’s Flickr, 2. Glendale College English Lab, 3., 4., 5.

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