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5 Features of Productive Startup Spaces

In the last decade, start-up offices have risen to the forefront of smart designs and quirky, innovative spaces. We’ve compiled our top 5 list of features productive start up spaces share.

1. Location: Businesses on a budget often tend to look for spaces in office buildings and business centers. However, savvy startups know that the key to an employee’s productivity and satisfaction is giving them an impression of life right outside their office window. Look for locations near bars, restaurants, cafes and gyms, where employees can gather during lunch or after work without having to drive.

2. Indulge in Trends: Standing desks, stability ball chairs and open space offices seem like wallet-busting office trends. The truth of the matter is that often the latest trends in designs are money-saving features in disguise. For start-ups with limited spaced, shared standing desks (like at a bar) cut down the need for square footage. Open space or collaborative floor plans eliminate the cost of cubicles or private offices. Encouraging your employees to bring in their own stability ball chairs or ergonomic chairs reduces the need to purchase new furniture, while providing them a setting comfortable to their needs.

3. Keep it Homey: More and more employees these days are choosing to work from home instead of going to the office. However, for many businesses, this is not a viable option. The solution is creating a space for your employees that have all the comforts of home, without them actually having to be there. Opt for cozier meeting spaces that reinforce a team atmosphere.

4. Morale Boosting Perks: Sometimes the best ideas come when your employees aren’t at their desk. Give your employees a break and more opportunities to interact with other departments with fun perks like arcade games systems, reading rooms, Foosball tables or video games. While it may seem like this is giving employees an excuse not to work, what you’re really doing is fostering creativity in a comfortable and casual atmosphere.

5. Happy and Fed: A startup is like an infant and, as with all babies, in order for them to grow up happy and healthy, you need to keep them fed. The latest trend in startup office spaces is offering once or twice a week breakfast and lunches, as well as stocked break rooms with nourishing goodies. Not only does this foster a productive atmosphere, you’ll find an increase in your employees’ overall satisfaction with their job and duties.

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