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Cleaning Office chairs

5 Easy Steps on Cleaning Fabric Office Chairs

New or used, your fabric office chair may feel great on your behind, but keep it looking great with these tips on cleaning fabric office furniture.

1. Step 1 – Determine the Fabric: Look on the bottom of the chair for the manufacturer’s tag. The tag will tell you what kind of fabric and upholstery you’ll be dealing with. The tag will also tell you whether to use a water based or solvent cleaning solution. Often, the tags will read “W” for water based and “S” for solvent. If a tag reads “SW”, it means you can use both water and solvent solutions. If there’s not a tag available, go online to the manufacturer’s website and write down the information from there.

2. Step 3 – Vacuum: Give your chair a good vacuum to remove any lingering dust, crumbs and grime. Vacuuming will also make it easier for your solution to penetrate the fabric.

3. Step 4 – Dampen then Spot: Lightly dampen the entire area with cleaning solution. Afterwards, apply more solution on the dirtiest areas of the chair. Remember to follow the directions on the cleaning solution, as different solutions will have different time requirements for spot cleaning.

4. Step 5 – Repeat: For tougher stains, repeat steps 1-4 until you get your desired look. Make sure you leave your chair in a well-ventilated area where it can dry thoroughly. This is especially important as a damp chair can develop mold if not dried properly. If needed, turn on a dehumidifier or fan to speed up the process.

5. Optional Step – If All Else Fails: If all else fails, consider contacting professional office furniture cleaner who can properly assess the issue. If more than 2-3 chairs and/or other office furniture need to be cleaned, this can be a more effective and timesaving solution.

After you’ve cleaned your chair, keep it looking fresh by vacuuming and wiping it down with a damp cloth on a weekly basis.

Photo credit: Lynn Friedman / Source / CC BY-NC-ND

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