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5 Companies That Let You Take Your Dog to the Office

Forget free soda and flex time: If current trends hold, the next big perk might just be taking your dog to work. One in five US companies is now “pet friendly,” which means anything from offering subsidized pet health care to sending employees on hikes with packs of pooches. But for a real pro-pet environment, you’ll want to work for one of these companies that lets your furry friends hang out in your cubicle.


Between 24 and 36 dogs come to work each and every day at’s headquarters in Seattle, WA. There are rules, however: all dogs must be vaccinated and their owners have to agree to register the pooches before bringing them into the office. Dogs must also be on a leash at all times — probably a good idea if you’re going to have 36 dogs in an office at once.

2. Printing for Less

Although not as big a name as some of the other companies on our list, this commercial printing company, based in Montana, is huge when it comes to pets. Fifteen percent of the company’s 160 workers bring their dogs to work every day.


And speaking of huge … Brooklyn-based web design company HUGE, Inc is pet friendly. Their site boasts the following stats: 150 million visitors to sites created by HUGE, $12.5 billion annual revenue of online businesses designed and developed by HUGE … and 14 (most dogs ever brought to work on one day by HUGE employees.)

4. Google

Our favorite thing about the Google dog policy is that they are not allowed on the sand volleyball court. If that doesn’t describe everything awesome about Google in one phrase, we don’t know what does. (Also, dogs have to be supervised at all times. But mostly, they are not allowed to play volleyball.)

5. Ben & Jerry’s

This was the least surprising company on our list. The inventor of such great ice creams as Chunky Monkey and Phish Food really should have an open pet policy. Also, Ben & Jerry’s is apparently a magic place: an employee who used to be afraid of dogs has gotten over her phobia and adopted two golden retrievers.

Don’t want to switch jobs, but still long for Fido’s company at the office? Try talking your boss into a new pet policy. You can start by reminding them that companies that allow dogs in the office have seen greater collaboration between workers, higher morale, and reduced stress. Also, and most persuasively: Employees who don’t have to go home to walk the dog stay later at work.


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