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Tips for a small office

5 Best Office Solutions for Small Spaces

When you’re part of a growing company, a small office space is never easy to plan for. Below, we’ve compiled some of the best ways to turn your small office space into a comfortable, practical and productive environment.

1. Consider Open Space: For small spaces, rethink what an “office space” is. Traditional single occupant offices take up precious square footage and multi-occupant cubicles may feel cramped. Opting for an open space office with shared desks, not only allows you to fit more people comfortably into one room, but encourage a communal, team building environment.

2. Multi-Use Furniture: Ready-made dual purpose furniture can be expensive if your company’s just starting out. Take some time to examine the furniture you already have and see if there’s a creative way to extend its original purpose. For example, a small filing cabinet can also serve as a table for files and papers. A shelf on a bookcase can be modified into a desk and a storage unit.

3. Look to the Walls for Space: The walls are not just for staring. When you have limited space, instead of purchasing large bulky cabinets, add simple shelves to the wall for additional storage space. Keep important files and documents within reach, while placing less vital items like extra office supplies up closer to the ceiling. Keep a small, but sturdy step ladder nearby.

4. Hideaway Furniture: If you do need to purchase new furniture, look for furniture that folds, rolls or can serve more than one purpose.

5. Buy Quality: As your company grows, make sure your furniture can grow with you. Buying quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive nor does it mean new. Many used furniture dealers offer great pieces that are durable, as well as functional. To maintain organization in a tight space, you want to make sure every drawer, light bulb and shelf is doing its job.

With a little ingenuity even the smallest locations can be made into an office that’s one part functional, one part stylish and above else, well organized.

Photo credit: Rum Bucolic Ape / Source / CC BY-ND

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