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5 Benefits of Used Furniture

A used workspace like this one available at Arnold's is a cost-friendly, healthier, greener, socially conscience and stock raising alternative to buying new.

A used workspace like this one available at Arnold’s is a cost-friendly, healthier, greener, socially conscious and stock raising alternative to buying new.

Unless you’ve been hiding in a nuclear bomb shelter for the past 50 years without access to the interwebs (and thus have been missing out on all of our helpful advice on shopping for office furniture), then you know by now that buying used office furniture will save you a ton of money. Savings of up to 70 percent compared with buying new are available.

We’ll give you a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Beyond helping you pinch a lot of pennies, buying used has plenty of other benefits.

1. It’s healthier: Brand-new office furniture is gassy (no, not that kind). That new furniture smell that’s giving you a headache and making your eyes itch is from chemicals used in the manufacturing process (think paints, stains and adhesives). As the chemicals evaporate from the furniture (in a process called out-gassing), all those pollutants are released into your office causing some major indoor air quality problems. Sure, you could leave your furniture outside for a while in order to off-gas safely, but why go through the extra hassle when used furniture has already gone through the process and can be installed without the extra headaches?

2. It’s greener: According to, buying used office furniture will keep about 1,000 tons of waste out of landfills annually. It can also contribute to your LEED certification and might offer you tax breaks. What’s more, giving a second life to old furniture means that no new resources will need to be devoted to manufacturing new furniture (that means fewer trees being cut down, less energy consumption and less environmental pollution and manufacturing waste).

3. It’s quicker: When your business is going through growing pains at a faster pace than you expected, you don’t want to have to wait around for furniture before you can hire more people to get the job done. Orders for new furniture can take months to be delivered while used furniture is available immediately and refurbished furniture is available in just a few weeks. Buying used allows you to get the office furniture you need when you need it, not when the manufacturer gets around to completing your order.

4. It improves your stock: Financial and investment analysts have more faith in companies that are working toward increasing energy efficiency and reducing their environmental impact. According to Eco Efficiency, Goldman Sachs found that companies in six industries that were at the forefront of environmental, social and governance polices outperform the rest of the stock market by 25 percent. Companies that have made a commitment to sustainable business have found that they contribute to profits. Every choice you make in your company from how much energy you use to light an office building to the type of furniture you choose can help make you greener and therefore more interesting to investors.

5. It improves your reputation: The hottest recruits on the job market these days are not only looking for jobs that pay well and have great perks, but also companies that have a conscience. Incorporating green practices into your workplace, like buying used or refurbished furniture, will demonstrate to both potential employees and clients that you’re a good steward and that you care about more than just your bottom line. Eco Efficiency also cited more compelling research: According to a survey by international HR company Adecco, 52 percent of employed adults felt their company should be doing more for the environment. A survey by the Natural Marketing institute found that 58 percent of consumers were more likely to buy products from a company that is mindful of its impact on the environment.

Start shopping for your used office furniture today at Arnolds.

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