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$48,000 on Office Chairs? They Should Have Bought Used!


How much money is too much money to spend on office furniture? It’s hard to set an exact price, but according to taxpayers in Santa Fe, New Mexico, $48,000 is definitely over the line. That’s how much money the governor’s office spent on 185 new office chairs, including 58 high-back desk chairs, and 127 standard chairs with arm rests.

“The previous chairs in the Cabinet room had been there for two decades. Nearly all were badly worn and several were not fully functional,” said Scott Darnell, spokesman for Gov. Susana Martinez.

Unfortunately, the purchase comes on the heels of the governor’s veto of $1.4 million in funding for the refurbishment of the 1st Judicial District courthouse. Martinez argues that the county should pick up the tab. Some lawmakers disagree.

“It certainly seems unfortunate that if she is spending money on herself then it’s worth it, but if she’s going to spend money on the court and the judges, she thinks it’s not worth it,” said Democratic Rep. Brian Egolf.

Although $48,000 seems like a lot of money, if you divide it by 185, it works out to be about $260 a chair, which isn’t actually terrible for brand-new furniture. (The governor’s office says that the they got about a 65 percent discount.) Maybe a better solution would have been to buy used furniture.

Arnolds offers a wide variety of office and guest chairs, most for well under $200. They’ve all been lovingly refurbished by our team of furniture restoration experts and are indistinguishable from brand-new office equipment, except for that low taxpayer-friendly price tag.

Take, for example, those 58 desk chairs, which are described as being “high-back, black desk chairs with casters.” Now look at our black leather executive chair, currently on sale for $149:


See? Good as new, and a hundred dollars less. That saves you over $5000 right there! Hope you’re listening, New Mexico…

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