3 Ways to Welcome Spring into Your Office


March 20th marked the first day of spring on the calendar, and what time is better than now to bring in the new season? Here are some quick and easy ideas for your office to welcome spring into your work day.

1. Spring Cleaning: Celebrate the end of winter by cleaning up your office. Assess how much waste is disposed of in your office and if a recycling program needs to be implemented. Have your employees clean up their desks by providing them with the proper storage systems and filing cabinets. If needed, contact a professional paper shredding service to dispose of any sensitive documents.

2. New Furniture & Lighting: Think of spring as your time to experiment with bright eye-catching colors in your decor and lighting. Freshen up your work space by adding colorful chairs, tables and cushions to the room. Simple additions such as wallpaper or a splash of paint on the wall will really make a difference in how your office looks and feels. As the day become longer and the weather becomes warmer, try to rely on natural lighting instead of overhead or fluorescent lights. Natural lighting will not only help cut down on electricity costs, but provide a soothing and relaxing environment for your employees.

3. Add Fun: Spring is a time of life and new beginnings. If you feel like your office or cubicle is still suffering from the winter blues add some playful touches like fresh blooming flowers, a new desktop wallpaper, or personal tokens like pictures and paintings.