3 Questions You Must Answer Before Buying a Conference Table


A lot of business gets done at conference tables. Brainstorming, plans of action, sales meetings and more. So it goes without saying that having a great conference table within your office space is a must. But selecting the right table goes far beyond which one looks the prettiest (although that’s a major consideration, too). Here, 3 questions you must answer before buying that perfect conference table:

1. How big does the table have to be? To answer to this question, think about both your current situation and where you hope to be a year from now. If you’re a small proprietorship with no plans for big expansion, a small 6 foot table may suit you just fine. If you’re a large corporation with several attendees per conference, a larger size table will be your best bet. And if you have plans for any expansion at all, estimate how many people you will need to seat at one time once your growth has taken place. It’s better to buy a larger table in anticipation of great growth than have to pinch hit after the growth occurs (plus, it’s so much fun to see those seats fill up as your company really begins to flourish!).

2. What features does the table need? As the way we do business changes, so do the features on conference tables. Some to consider:

  • Real wood or laminate?
  • Rectangular, boat-shaped, U-shaped or other?
  • Data ports for electrical devices or no?
  • Space for conferencing systems or no?
  • Media additions like projector lifts or no?
  • High style or traditional?

Obviously, though many of these features might be on your conference table wish list, your budget may prohibit actually indulging in them. Take the time to consider your plans for growth and remember that as with any technology item, conferencing tables that feature media add-ons are sure to change in time. Is your investment one that needs to stand the test of time, or are you able to switch up often? Consider this before plunking down a bundle on a table you’ll need to upgrade in just a few years.

3. Do I need to buy new? Or can I buy a pre-owned conference table? If you want to save a bundle and you’re not caught up in having the newest and shiniest furniture available, consider buying used office furniture. Many times offices go out of business, leaving behind a building full of barely-used furniture. Companies, like Arnolds Office Furniture, go in to liquidate these items, then warehouse them and pass the savings on to you.

While much of this used office furniture is in near-perfect condition, some things to watch out for are scratches and dents, splits in the wood, chips in the laminate, an unsteady base structure or a generally “unhealthy” look to the table.

Used conference tables are often available in the same sizes and finishes, with the same technology and media features, brand new ones are – and they can be yours for a fraction of the price. Sounds like a great way to set up your perfect conferencing space…and look like a Budgetary Superhero in the process!