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3 Cubicle Surprises to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative professionals literally make the office work. They make the appointments, organize the schedules, make sure there are pens in the pen holders and light bulbs in the light sockets, but how often do they get a thank you? At least once a year, at any rate, on April 27, they get their own holiday. Administrative Professionals Day, formerly Secretary’s Day, is the day to let your admins know how much they mean to you. Here are three great cubicle surprises that will show them you care.

Leave a Classic Gift Basket


Everyone loves free stuff. Spring for one of the fancy baskets that’s as tall as a cubicle wall, and make sure it’s stuffed with the best stuff possible. Bonus points if your choice reflects your colleagues’ personal tastes: chocolate for chocoholics, wine for oenophiles, and so on.

This goes both ways. It’s as important to take your admin’s dislikes into account as it is to remember their preferences. No fair leaving a basket full of cheese for your lactose intolerant assistant.

Turn Their Cube Into the Corner Office


The fine art of cube decorating has really taken off in recent years. But as much as we love CSI-inspired and Dungeons and Dragon-themed cubicles, our favorite decorations are the ones inspired by personal celebrations. Give us a birthday cube, or a bride-to-be cube any day. So why not decorate a fancy cube for Administrative Professionals Day?

If you really want to be generous, of course, you could always trade for the day. Let the admins have the office space, while you slave away in a cube. This has the added bonus of being hilarious. Let them take pictures. No gesture is real anymore unless it can be photographed and shared via social networking.

The Empty Cubicle


The best surprise of all? A day off. Save your fruit and decorations for another day, and let your hardworking admins stay home. Time off: It’s the gift that always fits.


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