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Archives for April 2014

studio is an ideal environment

3 Spaces Your Office Needs

1. The Studio: When you need to think creatively, or when you just need a clean space to work, the studio is an open area where work can be produced. You don’t need to be an art gallery or a photographer to have a studio; a studio is an ideal environment for any business that needs a way to think outside the box.

colorful office

Color Therapy for the Office

The walls of your office can affect the way your employees work and feel. Studies show that depending on age, gender, location, and culture, different colors have different impulses associated with them.

When designing your office, choose your office colors wisely. Remember that each color can affect the psychology and mood of your workplace.

hipaa logo

HIPAA-Compliant Office Design Features

 If you work in a medical, health, or insurance office, then you are well aware of HIPAA Regulations that protect patient health information. Prevention and proper training is the greatest step you can take in minimizing any risk of information leakage. These measures range from proper document disposal to email protocol. Even when it comes to designing your office, there are several HIPAA-compliant features you can integrate into your layout.
Call Centers

Design Considerations for Call Centers

Call Centers require specific layouts to meet their fast paced environment and large amount of employees. Often set in one room, call centers need extra privacy for phone calls, while keeping an open enough space for supervision and quality control.

Take a Nap

How to “Efficiently” Take a Break at the Office

By mid afternoon, many office workers find themselves in a mental and physical slump. Whether it’s from lack of sleep, stress, or poor nutrition, the feeling of lethargy can put a serious damper on productivity and output.  If you find yourself feeling this way every day at work, the best solution is to take a break. However, how you take a break can greatly affect how refreshed you feel afterwards. Today we’ll be discussing the best ways to take a break when you’re at the office.

allergy season

5 Causes of Allergies at Work

Spring is officially here! With the sun shining bright and the scent of flowers in the air, it’s time to take off those winter coats and – sneeze.

That’s right, for many people the arrival of spring also signals allergy season. Aside from pollen and other outdoor allergens, there is a surprisingly large amount of allergy causing substances in the workplace. Below we’ve compiled our top 5 for you to avoid and prevent.

Covering hard surfaces with fabric instead of wallpaper

How to Give Your Cubicle Walls a Temporary Makeover with Fabric

Covering hard surfaces with fabric instead of wallpaper or paint is a simple and easy way to change the look of the space without the hassle of dealing with wallpaper glue or messy paint. Best of all, you can do this makeover all by yourself without having to hire a contractor or spend a lot of money.

Not Getting the Right Measurements

Top 3 Worst Mistakes When Buying Office Furniture

1. Not Getting the Right Measurements

When it comes to buying office furniture, the first mistake a person can make is not getting the right measurements of the office. Forgetting to measure properly can cause costly errors to be made in the floor plan and space design. When taking measurements, be sure to make a note of all entry ways, electrical outlets, doors, and windows. This will help your designers and shoppers purchase the right size furniture. Remember the idiom: measure twice, cut once.

Professional Design at a Discount

5 Benefits of Pre-Owned Office Furniture

1. Professional Design at a Discount: By investing in high quality used office furniture, you’re getting professional grade designs at a severely discounted price. One of the best things about purchasing used furniture is how affordable it is when compared to its “new” counterparts. Smart shoppers know that buying used office furniture isn’t just convenient, but economical, as well.


Love Your Lobby

Your receptionist is the gate keeper to your office and your lobby is the gate. Generally, when a client enters the building, the first place they’ll arrive in is your lobby. Make sure your lobby makes a good first impression with these helpful design tips.

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