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Archives for February 2013

The 5 Office Supplies You Just Can’t Function Without

When is the last time you thought about office supplies? Unless you’re the office manager, or someone who works for an office supply chain, we’re guessing you’d have a hard time pinpointing it. After all, in this era of tablets … Continue reading

Office Furniture for Plus-Size Employees

Americans are bigger than ever before, and getting even bigger. The CDC predicts that 44 percent of Americans will be obese by 2030. And while we can debate the health implications of this statistic and ponder what we need to … Continue reading

Office Furniture: Fully Assembled or Assembly Required?

When it comes to buying office furniture, you have tons of choices. Which style appeals to you? What’s the perfect price point? How long do you need your furniture to last, and what must it be able to withstand in … Continue reading

5 Tips for Setting Up a Cheap Office Space

If small business owners have learned one thing from operating in a rough economy, it’s that it’s always a good idea to keep a low overhead. Witness the rapid increase in work-at-home policies over the past couple of years. Sometimes, … Continue reading

When Office Furniture Turns Deadly

This is one of the sadder stories we’ve covered in this space. Earlier this year, a man shot three people in an office park in Phoenix, Arizona. One victim, Steven Singer, president and CEO of call center company Fusion Contact … Continue reading

Office Furniture Around the Globe

If you’ve ever gone on a trip far away from home, you know how strange it can be to realize that the things we consider “normal” are actually very particular to our place and time. Take, for example, breakfast foods, … Continue reading

Do Your Cubicles Need Cleaning? Here’s How to Find Out

Most of us never think about cleaning our office cubicles, beyond giving the desk area an occasional swipe with a damp cloth. But when you think about the fact that we’re sitting at our desks for 40-plus hours a week, … Continue reading

The 3 Funniest Office Pranks That Won’t Get You Fired

Every so often, some website or magazine comes out with another one of those articles calculating how long we spend doing things. You know: “The average human spends five years waiting in line at the DMV!” “Most of us spend … Continue reading

American Manufacturing Org Unable to Furnish Office With American-Made Products

When the Alliance for American Manufacturing moved to new offices, they set themselves a challenge: could they furnish the office entirely with American-made equipment, electronics, and office furniture? After all, we’re in the midst of a new manufacturing boom, with … Continue reading

5 Office Tax Deductions You Might Be Missing

It’s everyone’s least-favorite time of year again: tax time. For the less-tidy among us, this means a mad scramble to pull together receipts and documents and forms. But no matter how well-organized you are, there’s always a sense that you … Continue reading

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