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Archives for December 2012

Are Modern Offices Ergonomic Nightmares?

Usually, when we reference the offices of yesteryear, we’re pointing out how much better things are today than they used to be. After all, who among us would trade a flexible work schedule and wireless networking for the 9-to-5 grind … Continue reading

What Should You Do With Your Old Office Furniture?

Office furniture doesn’t last forever, and maybe that’s a good thing. Can you imagine what offices would look like if no one ever had to redecorate? Sure, we all love the show “Mad Men,” but try to find a place … Continue reading

New Office Design Reinvents Walls, Ceilings

Increasingly, companies are adopting open plan office designs to make it easier for their employees to work collaboratively (and, let’s face it, to save a buck or two on square footage). Most organizations are prepared to deal with the problem of … Continue reading

5 Best Types of Office Furniture for Small Spaces

Time isn’t the only thing that costs money. Space — specifically square footage — costs companies a pretty penny as well. No wonder that many organizations are trying to make do with the smallest amount of space possible. The trick … Continue reading

5 Things That Won’t Be on Office Desks in 2020

Ever look at old pictures of offices in the early part of the 20th century? Just us? OK, you’ll have to take our word for it: some of these sepia-toned beauties are eye openers. The technology that was cutting edge … Continue reading

5 Things You Should Know About an Office Furniture Auction

Brand-new office furniture can be pricey and unnecessary: If you can get used furniture that’s properly refurbished, no one will ever know that you didn’t shell out top dollar. But where can you find bargains like these? Many office managers … Continue reading

4 Celebrities Starring in Cubicle-Related Flicks

At first glance, office cubicles do not seem like a natural setting for a movie. They’re light on drama and atmosphere. There are few battles to the death and the love stories that unfold tend to bear more resemblance to … Continue reading

The 5 Most Common Employee Office Complaints

Offices are not synonymous with comfort. Even when companies move to brand-new spaces or renovate their existing offices, they tend to concentrate on how the building looks to guests and clients, and largely ignore the needs of the hapless folks … Continue reading

Luminaire-Level Lighting: How It Works

Tired of gigantic heating bills and endless complaints from your staff about eye strain and glare? Luminaire-level lighting, a new technology that allows individual lights to sense power needs, might be the answer you’re looking for. How Most Offices Are … Continue reading

Report: Building Superintendent Steals $75,000 in Office Furniture

Employee theft costs companies billions of dollars every year. But most of the time, that’s an aggregate number; the total sum of zillions of stolen pens, Post-Its, and paper, along with more valuable conceptual information like patents and other classified … Continue reading

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