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Archives for November 2012

Where to Get Office Chairs Cheap

Office chairs can be expensive. We’ve seen chairs retail for, no kidding, more than we paid for our first car. And they hardly ever have an AM/FM radio or fuzzy dice. So where can you find ? It turns out … Continue reading

How To Keep Your Employees Motivated

Even the best team can face some doldrums once in a while.  Individual team members may run into frustrating problems, or have personal problems that, while it may not affect their work performance, can ding their overall attitude. So how … Continue reading

Used Office Furniture Reborn!

Here at Arnolds, our mission is to buy used office furniture from businesses that no longer need it and restore it so that it’s just as perfect as furniture fresh from the flat-packed box.  In the process, our customers save thousands … Continue reading

5 Incredibly Cool Home Office Ideas

Most home offices are basically a jumble of files and office furniture, assembled every which way. But some creative folks take their workspace way beyond the barely functional. Their offices are more an expression of their imagination than just a … Continue reading

5 Ways To Adjust Your Used Cubicles To Meet 21st Century Demands

The humble cubicle is many things today: A symbol of the workplace, a place where many Americans transact their working hours, and the butt of jokes and parody.  But believe it or not, it was invented in 1967 as an … Continue reading

How Green Are Pennsylvania Businesses?

Pennsylvania is a bustling state with a rich industrial history. It’s also, increasingly, an environmentally aware one.  Across the state, there are a strong number of green initiatives and businesses at the forefront of a new green boom in the … Continue reading

Top 3 Office Furniture Layout Software Packages

Think rearranging office furniture is easy? Then you’ve never been unlucky enough to work in one of those offices where two people can’t pass each other in a corridor without wedging together like Looney Tunes characters in search of official … Continue reading

3 Ways to Bring Sustainability, Flexibility and Cost Savings to Your Office

If you had an unlimited budget, and could build your office building from scratch, no doubt you’d have the most sophisticated, flexible, inexpensive systems possible. Heating and cooling would work flawlessly, and every piece of equipment that used energy would … Continue reading

5 Office Accessories to Artify Your Office Space

Let’s face it: When we say “office” and “art” in the same sentence, you probably aren’t thinking of anything you’d see in a museum. You’re probably envisioning something more like cast-off dentist office prints and weird, bloopy obelisks that look … Continue reading

3 Businesses That Work Out of Mobile Offices

When Dwight Schrute forces his coworkers to work on a bus for a day, it’s hilarious. But how entertaining is it to toil away in a truly mobile office in real life? If you talk to some of Howard Becker‘s … Continue reading

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