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Archives for September 2012

5 Ways to Save on Your Office Energy Bill

If there’s one thing that all businesses have in common, it’s that the folks who are running them would like to save money. It doesn’t matter whether you sell cars or computers, raise money for non-profits or run a website: … Continue reading

Should Your Office Go BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices?)

Mac people refuse to use anything without an Apple logo on it. PC people insist that they could never feel comfortable using a computer they couldn’t open up themselves, if necessary. And everyone agrees that the mobile devices they prefer … Continue reading

5 Disturbing Side Effects of Open Plan Offices

If you’re considering an open plan office, you’re probably already well aware of the benefits of switching to a less boxed-in office design. But before you count the money saved on office equipment and floor space, consider these ways that … Continue reading

Is It a Car Interior or Office Furniture?

Mercedes owners love to brag about how comfortable their cars are. “It’s like driving around in a couch,” said one friend of ours, who refuses to give us his car so that we can experience it for ourselves, on a … Continue reading

How Technology Is Changing Office Furniture

Someday, we’ll look back at the office furniture we used at the turn of the century and it will seem, well, like furniture we used at the turn of the century — old, obsolete, sepia-toned, and kind of funny. “Can … Continue reading

The 3 Cheapest Pieces of Office Furniture Ever

What’s the number one complaint about office furniture? No, it’s not that people expect you to do work with it, although that’s probably a close second. The biggest issue is that office furniture, by and large, is super expensive. But … Continue reading

Herman Miller My Studio Cubicles: Incredibly Beautiful, Incredibly Cheap

Every so often, we get furniture at Arnolds that’s so gorgeous and rare, we can hardly believe it ourselves. The Herman Miller My Studio cubicles are one of the best examples of this we can remember. Herman Miller, of course, … Continue reading

When the Furniture Doesn’t Fit the Business

Choosing office furniture is one of the most important parts of designing an office. After all, the way your space looks says a lot about your company. You wouldn’t go to a job interview wearing a track suit or on … Continue reading

4 Ways to Save Money on Your Office Redesign

We’ll be the first to admit that redesigning your office is slightly less fun than redecorating your spare room. There’s a lot more planning involved, for one thing, and the stakes (and budget!) are much higher. But these days, we … Continue reading

How Remote Workers Are Changing the Face of Office Furniture

In the old days, most offices looked somewhat alike. They had a few private offices and conference rooms, and then either a bunch of cubicles or a few rows of desks in a central, bull-pen area. Buying office furniture was … Continue reading

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