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Archives for December 2011

The Ultimate Office Recycling: Office Furniture Made Out of Paper

Office furniture can be expensive, not to mention hard to dispose of when you’re tired of it. Tossing aside giant desks and chairs and shelving is wasteful, and who really wants to spend time advertising tired old furnishings on the … Continue reading

The 7 Craziest Office Mishaps

For most cubicle denizens, the biggest danger they face on any given day might be a paper cut or tired eyes from a day spent staring at a computer screen. Sure, over time they might be at greater risk for … Continue reading

From Occupy Wall Street Protestor to Cubicle Dweller

Some Occupy Wall Street protestors hope for sweeping changes to our economy and system of government. Tracy Postert just wanted a job. Postert, who has a Ph.D. in pharmacology, went down to Zuccotti Park wearing a lab coat and armed … Continue reading

5 TV Shows That Have Made Cubicles Fun Again

Offices have a reputation for being boring. Something about spending 8 – 12 hours a day toiling away under fluorescent lights, while smelling other people’s lunches, and listening to their phone conversations just does not spell “fun” to most people. … Continue reading

8 Coolest Corporate Office Spaces in the World

If your co-workers regularly tell you that you behave like a child, it might be time to find a new job. Luckily, there are companies out there that would not only embrace your youthful spirit, but indulge it. Say goodbye … Continue reading

Tetra-Shed May Just Be the Coolest Office Cubicle Ever

What’s the difference between an office cubicle and a spaceship? If Tetra-Shed has its way, almost nothing. OK, you still won’t be able to breach the ionosphere before lunch, but the science-fictiony aesthetic and efficient use of space probably will … Continue reading

The 5 Coolest Office Holiday Party Ideas Ever

Any company can rent a Santa outfit, deck the office cubicles with tinsel, set out some punch and say they’re having a Christmas party. But it takes a really special employer to think up ideas like the ones we’ve found. … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street Moves Into Office Cubicles

(Occupy Wall Street protesters pose for a picture in their new office space near the New York Stock Exchange in Manhatten. Photo courtesy of justinwedes on Twitter) Here’s an ironic twist for you: the counter-culture many of the Occupy Wall … Continue reading

The 5 Most Creative Holiday Cubicle Decorations

Anyone can throw a bunch of tinsel around their office cubicle and call it holiday decorating. While that might be inexpensive, it’s also not very creative. (Also: Potentially depressing. There’s no bigger bummer in the world than digging months-old tinsel … Continue reading

10 Great Secret Santa Gift Ideas for the Office

During the holiday season, there’s nothing scarier than being the Secret Santa for a co-worker who you know nothing about. Before you wait until the last minute, panic and buy a page-a-day lighthouse calendar or a copy of “Kitten Care … Continue reading

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