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Archives for August 2011

5 Office Space Design Tips to Boost Employee Productivity

Think office design is just interior decorating? Think again. Research shows that workers are significantly more productive and less stressed in more aesthetically pleasing office environments. Our favorite study, from Ohio State University and the National Institute of Mental Health, … Continue reading

Cut Government Spending … But Not in My Office

How much should office furniture cost? For most of us, burlap cubicles and second-hand desk chairs more than suffice. In fact, if you factor in discounts for buying in bulk, many companies probably only spend a few hundred dollars per … Continue reading

7 Ways to Brighten Up a Drab Cubicle

Cubicle designers aren’t known to be the flashiest of folks. They stick to simple modular structures in safe, if not boring, shades of beige, oatmeal, gray, off-white and linen. Sure, the No. 1 job of office furniture is to be … Continue reading

Should Your Office Set up a Nap Room?

Most of us could use a nap at some point in the day. Sometimes we feel sleepy after lunch. Other times, we run out of steam mid-afternoon, and could use a quick catnap to get back in the swing. Often, … Continue reading

Technology Has Changed. Why Hasn’t Office Furniture?

Hate your cubicle? Don’t feel bad. At the end of his life, cubicle inventor Robert Propst called his brainchild “monolithic insanity.” The rest of the office hasn’t fared much better. Besides the occasional minor change in decor, our offices are … Continue reading

Think YOUR Office Is Small? Not After You See These!

Sometimes you don’t get the huge corner office with the water views. Sometimes you don’t even get the tiny cubicle parked next to the water cooler. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you just get a closet. We rounded up a few … Continue reading

What Your Office Really Says About You

You are what you eat, and clothes make the man, but it’s your office space, in the end, that might just provide the most accurate reflection of your personality. Don’t believe us? Consider these cubicles, and what they convey about … Continue reading

Environmental Group Opts for a Non-Recycled Office; Earth Weeps

Fans of corporate irony, take note: Environment Canada, our northern neighbor’s leader in protecting the environment, has opted for a less-than-green office redesign. Our biggest beef with their new decorating scheme? Instead of recycling their existing work stations and furniture … Continue reading

5 Easy Tips to Make Your Cubicle More Livable

Most people don’t love working in cubicles, and it’s hard to blame them: cubes aren’t known for their comfort and elegance. Even the snazziest cubicles can’t compete with offices for privacy, or open work spaces for roominess and light. But … Continue reading

Want to Hire Generation Y? Rethink Your Corporate Cubicles

Remember when people didn’t start their own businesses until they were at least out of high school? Not so for Generation Y. According to a recent study, the Millennials start young: Some reported starting their own businesses as early as … Continue reading

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