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Archives for July 2011

Summer Office Attire: What’s Appropriate, What’s Taboo

In the old days, dressing for work was easy. All you had to do was ask yourself one question: Am I lady, or am I guy? Ladies wore dresses. Guys wore suits and ties. We’re not nostalgic for those times, … Continue reading

Is Your Boss Watching Your Internet Browsing?

The internet has made getting work done a lot easier for a majority of folks slugging away in a cubicle. It’s also made not getting work done a lot easier. From checking personal e-mail to Tweeting to managing fantasy baseball … Continue reading

5 Ways to Burn Calories at the Office

The internet has been a-buzz all year with the news that sitting can kill you. Ironic, then, that so many of us read about it while sitting in our cubicles, spines bent, core muscles slack, and heart rates decidedly unelevated. … Continue reading

4 Innocent Comments That Could Get You Fired

What’s the worst thing you could hear from a human resources representative at work? It’s not that your work is inadequate, or that your management style is ineffective. Nope, the very worst thing you can hear, without question, is that … Continue reading

Creative Office Perks: They’re Making a Comeback!

Remember back in the ’90s when companies were offering crazy perks to employees like luxury vacations, onsite concierge services, upscale cafeterias and massages? Back then, venture capitalists invested loads of cash into companies with names like Kozmo, Flooz and … Continue reading

The 5 Most Outrageous Office Desks

If you looked in our cubicle right now, you would find a desk left over from a school supply sale in 1955. It is worth all of about $45 on the open market, and weighs more than most cars. But … Continue reading

Is Your Office Covered In Toxins?

Someday, an enterprising auteur will write a horror movie about cubicle dwellers who turn into zombies due to the toxic dust in their offices. We will all line up to buy popcorn and be horrified. Like all good monster movie … Continue reading

9 Creative Ideas for a Relaxing Work Environment

Offices are not known for being holistic retreats. Between annoying co-workers who provide minute-by-minute updates of their cats’ hairball problems and obnoxious clients who have asked you to redraft your proposal for the 83rd time, the typical office is less … Continue reading

5 Companies That Let You Take Your Dog to the Office

Forget free soda and flex time: If current trends hold, the next big perk might just be taking your dog to work. One in five US companies is now “pet friendly,” which means anything from offering subsidized pet health care … Continue reading

Dream of Working From Home? Here’s the Office Setup You’ll Need

Many of us dream of working from home. Who wouldn’t want to trade in his boring cubicle for the comfort and flexibility of a home office? Not to mention that working at home would put an end to this whole … Continue reading

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