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Archives for June 2011

The 5 Most Germ-Filled Places in Your Office

Which is dirtier, your cubicle or the bathroom? It might surprise you to learn that your desk alone contains over 400 times more germs than the toilet seat. And while we’re not suggesting that you move your base of operations … Continue reading

I Hate My Cubicle!

Ah, cubicles — the work space we love to hate. Unlike offices, or even open work areas, cubicles are so reviled that they’ve actually spawned comic strips and movies dedicated to their awfulness. But what is it, exactly, that we … Continue reading

When Sports Fans Go Too Far at the Office

If you work in Boston or Vancouver, you probably saw plenty of hockey-themed cubicle decorations recently. But even when the Stanley Cup isn’t at stake, lots of offices take sports-inspired decorating pretty seriously. Occasionally, too seriously. Here are some of … Continue reading

Is It an Office Building or a Donut?

If you’re like most of us, your cubicle is located in an office building shaped like a shoebox, or, if your company is fancy, perhaps a collection of mirrors. If you work at Apple, however, you might soon be working … Continue reading

Outdoor Offices? It Could Happen

If you’re like us, you do the bulk of your interweb reading at the office. Which means that you could be reading this from within your cramped cubicle, windowless office, or shared table in an open work space. We’re pretty … Continue reading

When Casual Friday Goes a Little Too Far: 5 Totally Inappropriate Office Outfits

Can dressing down save energy? That’s what some executives in Japan are hoping. By setting office thermostats at 82 degrees and encouraging employees to eschew the standard suit-and-tie, Japan hopes to off-set some of the energy shortages in the wake … Continue reading

Can Office Workers Survive Without Desks?

Canadian Treasury Board President Tony Clement is known as “Dr. No” around his Ottawa-based office, partly due to his government-mandated frugality. (Clement’s current goal is to cut $4 billion from the budget. That’s a lot of saying no.) One thing … Continue reading

Office Furniture Gone Wild

Some pieces of office furniture let you go a little crazier than others. Cubicles become the victims of wild pranks or the office fax machine falls under the wrath of a frustrated employees. But few items take a beating like … Continue reading

The 5 Coolest Outdoor Office Spaces

One of the worst things about being a working adult is that you no longer get summers off, unless you’re a teacher. (In which case, you totally deserve the summer off.) For the rest of us, enjoying the nicer weather … Continue reading

5 Filthiest Office Cubes in the World

When it comes to organizing our cubicles, we all have a system. Some of us use index cards and file folders. Some of us are digital creatures, with carefully-updated smartphones and clean desktops. Some of our setups, though, are a … Continue reading

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