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Archives for May 2011

The $11 Million Office Makeover

If the armrest on your desk chair (circa 1987) wobbles, or the conference tables are scratched and stained with 30 years worth of coffee, you might not want to read the rest of this post, because it will probably send … Continue reading

The Office vs. The Cubicle Debate

In the movie “The Devil Wears Prada,” Meryl Streep plays a knock-off Anna Wintour (the icy editor of Vogue for the fashion unconscious among you) who manages Runway magazine from a pristine, spacious and, most importantly, window-filled office. As it … Continue reading

8 Design Tips for Making Your Office Cubicle Fabulous

Let’s face it, cubicles leave a lot to be desired when it comes to style. Sure, they’re a great workspace solution for an office, but they’re not going to win any design awards. Which is a shame, because most office … Continue reading

10 Fantastic Design and Furniture Blogs

Sometimes, it’s impossible to remember what we did before the internet existed. For example, how did we decorate our homes and offices? Sure, there were magazines, but the design inspiration they offered tended toward the highbrow. Now, thanks to the … Continue reading

What It’s Like to Work in the Office Cubicle of the Future

Architects continually reshape our city skylines with towering glass-and-concrete structures. They re-imagine everything from the shape of the building to ways it can be more environmentally friendly. But while architects have been inspired to modernize the exterior of office buildings … Continue reading

What Your Boss Doesn’t Want You To Know: Your Office May Be Making You Sick

There’s a reason people hate Mondays. After two days of freedom, romping in the great outdoors, enjoying the sights from the windows in your house and not having to wear a parka to survive the sub-zero temperatures you endure at … Continue reading

IKEA Office Furniture Has Really Weird Names

Show us a home or office without IKEA office furniture and we’ll show you a bunch of people who are allergic to Allen wrenches. Still, it must be admitted that IKEA furniture has some pretty funny names, especially to American … Continue reading

Arnolds Introduces the Next Great Cubicle Prank!

If you’ve worked in an office long enough, you’re bound to have witnessed an office prank or two. You’ve seen the cubicle plastered in Post-it Notes or filled with packing peanuts, the desk covered in aluminum foil, and the stapler … Continue reading

Zappos: The Most Awesome Employee Cubicles Ever?

We’ve toured a lot of places in our time: historical monuments, tiny villages in faraway lands, and more parks than we can count. But until we read about Zappos’ corporate culture, we never heard of anyone touring cubicles. But that’s … Continue reading

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