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Archives for April 2011

Top 20 Ways to Know Your Break Room Needs Upgrading

1. The refrigerator is so small that by 10 o’clock, there’s no room to squeeze in one grape, much less another bagged lunch. 2. At noon, the smell of Italian dressing and bananas filters through the office as more and … Continue reading

3 Questions You Must Answer When Buying Executive Desks

If you’ve finally been promoted and are leaving your cubicle behind for a corner office with a view of the city, it’s time to upgrade to an executive desk. Now that you’re running with the scotch and cigar set, no … Continue reading

The 10 Most Cheesy Cubicle Posters

Cheesy cubicle posters come in two kinds: the overtly inspirational, or the over-the-top wacky. Both are annoying in their own special way. Neither will make you look terribly original. All will irritate your coworkers almost as much as a smiley … Continue reading

Cubicle Strategy 101: How To Land the Best Workspace In Your Office

Milton hangs out in the basement in “Office Space.” Your office is moving to a beautiful, brand new building, which means it’s the perfect time for you to get out of the cave in no-man’s land Montana that you call … Continue reading

5 Great Cubicle Time Killers

Of course we would never suggest that you have fun on the company dime. But sometimes you’re between projects, or just at lunch, and need something to pass the time. In those cases, we recommend these great cubicle time killers. … Continue reading

3 Cubicle Surprises to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative professionals literally make the office work. They make the appointments, organize the schedules, make sure there are pens in the pen holders and light bulbs in the light sockets, but how often do they get a thank you? At … Continue reading

Next Time Things Get Bad, Just Be Glad You Don’t Work in These Cubicles

Most offices have rules: Arrive by a certain time, file your paperwork in this way, wear pants at meetings, and so. Most of the time, this is a good thing: without official policies, it’s hard to get a bunch of … Continue reading

Top 3 Cubicle Coworker Complaints

Why do coworkers drive us so crazy? Maybe it’s because, generally, we don’t get to pick them. Oh sure, in theory, colleagues have a lot in common, because they do similar things, or at least work toward a common goal. … Continue reading

The Office of the Future: Will It Be Shared With Other Companies?

(Coworkers at Office Nomads in Seattle)The internet has given the world many invaulable things: The ability to communicate with people anywhere instantly; a virtual encyclopedia for every question you’ve ever asked with answers that are either based in fact or … Continue reading

4 Beautifully Designed Employee Lunchrooms

It used to be during your orientation tour at a new job, the HR rep would point out useful spots like the bathrooms, vending machines and where to pick up your mail. And they’d also drop by the company kitchen, … Continue reading

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