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Archives for February 2011

The 10 Coolest Google Employee Cubes

Google is the granddaddy of super-cool internet companies, so it makes sense that their office cubicles are slightly more awesome than the usual gray burlap and thumbtacks decor. After all, creative employees = tricked out cubes, as we’ve seen before. Most … Continue reading

Buying vs. Leasing Office Furniture: A Guide

When you’re starting or growing a business, chances are your to-do list is longer than a game of Monopoly. While outfitting your office space with cubicles, desks, tables and chairs might not feel like you’re getting down to business, its … Continue reading

Top 7 Cubicle Sneak Attacks

Office life can get kind of tiresome day after day. So it’s up to you to liven things up. Here are a few mild-mannered office employees who decided things were a little too quiet out there in cubicle land. Hide … Continue reading

What to Look For in Used File Cabinets

If your current filing system is less of a system and more of a churning sea of invoices, bills and various paper detritus that covers every available surface of the office, it might be time to invest in a file … Continue reading

Where to Buy Used Office Equipment

So you’ve outfitted the new office with desks, chairs, tables, file cabinets and other necessary furnishings. But what about the rest? Sure, your people have a place to sit, but how will they warm up that soup they bought for … Continue reading

Crazy Videos of People Trashing Office Equipment

The movie “Office Space” has taught us a lot about cubicle life. From desperately counting the seconds until the next coffee break, to guarding your stapler, to angling for the last piece of birthday cake, the movie captured some of … Continue reading

25 Ways to Drive Your Fellow Cubicle Workers Crazy

Sometimes life in the office can get a little, well, dull. Long days spent gazing at a computer screen or answering phones are enough to put anyone to sleep … or slowly drive you insane. Who says that’s a bad … Continue reading

Ultimate Cubicle Manufacturer Guide

If you need information on cubicles, then you need to know which companies are the best cubicle manufacturers ar ound. The trick, of course, is identifying which ones are best – preferably without spending the whole day noodling around on … Continue reading

Tired of Sitting in a Cube? Try These Office Sports

So, we all know that 3 o’clock feeling. Your retinas feel like that fiery eyeball that hung out in Mordor looking for ring-toting hobbits. Your back aches so much you’re seriously considering proposing to your chiropractor. You’ve been staring at … Continue reading

The Ugliest Chairs in the World

Generally, when we look for office furniture, we look for form as well as function. After all, if you’re going to spend 80% of your waking hours staring at a piece of furniture, it might as well be attractive. Occasionally, … Continue reading

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