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10 Father’s Day Ideas for Your Dad’s Office

Father’s Day is coming up, and instead of giving dad something that reminds him of why he hates his job (read: necktie), try picking up a cool gadget that will make him look forward to spending his day in a cubicle.

Here are 10 ideas for office knickknacks your dad will love:

1. Push-Button Vending Machine: Save dad a trip to the break room with a miniature vending machine. This micro-sized cooler holds 10 12-ounce cans and keeps them chilled at 35 degrees. $129.99 at

2. Samurai Letter Opener: If your dad is a sword collector (or just likes kung fu) here’s a way for him to share his passion without freaking out the whole office with a full-sized version. Envelopes have finally met their match. $6.95 at

3. Nose Pencil Sharpener: Put dad’s (im)maturity on display with this handy (or should we say nosy?) tool. Simply stick a dull pencil up one of the nostrils, give it a whirl and you’ll find a nice sharp writing instrument. $0.99 at

4. Powers of 2 BCD Binary Clock: If your dad is kind of a geek (and let’s face it, whose dad isn’t?) he might like this unique timepiece. The desktop clock uses binary code to show the time and creates a cool light show at the same time. We’re still figuring out how to use it, but if your dad’s a smart dude, he’ll get it right away. $18.99 at

5. Desk Vacuum Cleaner: If dad has a little Danny Tanner in him (think clean freak), then this retro-looking USB vacuum cleaner is the perfect gift. He’ll be able to suck up all the dust and crumbs that accumulate from a day of hard work (or excessive snacking). $19.99 at

6. Executive Sandbox – Construction Zone: Forget that silly Zen rock garden with its pebbles and boring rakes. Pick up dad a miniature sandbox that will bring him back to his childhood. The Executive Sandbox comes equipped with dump truck, bulldozer, cones, rakes and rocks – perfect for your grown-up Bob the Builder. $27.99 at

7. Desktop Skill Ball: If you have to wrestle the Xbox controllers away from your dad or drag him kicking and screaming out of Chuck-E-Cheese’s at the end of your neighbor kid’s birthday party, you might have a game addict on your hands. Give dad a little dose of his favorite past time at work with this table-top carnival game that’s reminiscent of Skee Ball.

8. Lightsaber Pen: Your dad can feel the power of the force and let his geek flag fly with this set of Star Wars lightsaber pens in green, blue and red. He can fight the working man’s blues and the dark side with these pens, which truly are mightier than the sword. $19.99 on

9. Bottle Opener Cuff Links: If your dad is forced to wear a suit every day, why not help him look forward to getting dressed in the morning? He’ll impress the higher-ups when he’s forced to shmooze with them at after-work happy hours with these double-duty cuff links. $49.99 at

10. Heat Changing Arcade Mugs: If your dad likes coffee and the ’80s, then he’ll love these animated mugs. When filled with hot coffee, colorful video game characters pop up in all their pixelated glory. Choose between a Pac-Man or Space Invaders. $7.99 on

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