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10 Dirtiest Desks of All Time

We all have a co-worker (sometimes two or three) who leaves a little (or a lot) to be desired in the cleanliness department. You know the ones: Their giant stacks of un-filed paperwork is perpetually falling over into your cubicle, sometimes you catch wafts of what you’re guessing is a slowly rotting salami sandwich and there’s something fuzzy growing in their coffee mug.

We here at Arnolds want to make sure that you know you’re not alone. And we have visual proof! Here are some of the messiest desks the Web has to offer:

1. Sure, it’s a small desk, so it’s understandable that it might attract some extra clutter. But this person could probably use his space a little more efficiently if he just threw away his drink containers every once in a while, right?

2. Maybe this person stores their trashcan on her desk as a subtle reminder to, you know, use it for trash and stuff. Considering the various bottles, cups and cans (by our count eight), the paper wads and disposable plates it looks as if she and her trashcan have never been formally introduced. We’re not sure about the tape over the monitors, either. Maybe the desk has been condemned (rightfully).

3. It’s really a shame that an office with such a beautiful view is such a disaster. Maybe the person who sits here spends more time looking out the window than he does looking at his desk. That might explain why he keeps losing keyboards.

4. In looking at all these messy desk pictures, we’ve spotted a trend: The people with the messiest desks also have the biggest variety of stuff on their desk. Case in point, on this desk we’ve spotted a contact lens case, contact lens solution, glasses, a PlayStation 2 game, body spray, chewing gum, apple juice, peanut butter, a copy of Edith Wharton’s “Age of Innocence,” and “L.A. Confidential” on VHS. It’s like “Where’s Waldo”!

5. We wonder if the person who sits at this desk has to wear his orange vest while working there because it looks like a hazardous work zone. Should those stacks of papers really be hanging out so close to the soldering iron? Why are there so many chemical-esque cans near the coffee cups? And the scariest part of all? A computer that’s still operating on Windows 2000!

6. Based on the carts full of books we’re assuming this is a librarian’s desk, which surprises us a little. Doesn’t the stereotypical librarian have a reputation for being neat and tidy? But then again, that bottle of rum in the corner suggests she might not be your typical librarian.

7. This person is a reporter, so it only makes sense that he’s surrounded by newspapers, right? We’re just not sure how he finds his notes (or mini flag!) amidst the piles and piles and piles of papers. Also, why is his trashcan in a box? Is he still unpacking?

8. Here’s another example of a messy desk jam-packed with weird and random stuff. Sure, there’s the requisite dirty coffee mug and water bottle along with the standard paperclips, highlighters and other office-ing implements. But there are some other gems scattered in: A $1 million bill (can we have the change?!), a stuffed doll, a mini duster that we’re assuming has never been used, and jewelry.

9. While we love the Post-It Note doodles and the kissing monitor pigs, we’re more than a little concerned about the decomposing fruit hanging out on those piles of paper. Maybe she’s just trying to go green by starting an office compost pile.

10. What is it with messy desks and superfluous keyboards? It seems like the worst offenders always have an extra keyboard or two stashed between papers and under boxes. Maybe if they cleaned more, they wouldn’t keep misplacing them. The other thing we love about this dirty desk: The can of Lysol wipes and the bottle of hand sanitizer. Doesn’t it seem ironic that someone who’s this cluttered could also be a closet germophobe?

Photo courtesy of Garrett Albright/Flickr

Photo courtesy of Lara604/Flickr

Photo courtesy of Visnu Pitiyanuvath/Flickr

Photo courtesy of Ali West/Flickr

Photo courtesy of David Carroll/Flickr

Photo courtesy of Tracey R/Flickr

Photo courtesy Joseph Novak/Flickr

Photo courtesy of cybrgrl/Flickr

Photo courtesy of Bec Plumbe/Flickr

Photo courtesy of Jesus Rodriguez/Flickr

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