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10 Best Call Center Cubicles for 2021

10 Best Call Center Cubicles for 2021

Looking for new office pieces to enhance your call center with? We are here to help you find the most popular call center cubicles of 2021. Here is our list of the best call center workstations from our expansive inventory:

1. Sunline Sliding Cubicle: 5’x5′ – 65″ High

The 5’x5′ Sunline Sliding Cubicle gives call center workers privacy with its high walls. These cubicles are easy to fit together and customize within small spaces.

2. Sunline Sliding Cubicle: 4’x2′ – 65″ High

The 4’x2′ Sunline Sliding Cubicles fit nicely back to back. These affordable options have plenty of storage space in their desk drawers and overhead compartments.

3. Clover Call Center: 4’x2′ – 53″ High

This 4’x2′ Clover Call Center Cubicle has high walls and clear glass panels around the top. You can easily chat with your peers and get privacy when you need it for calls.

4. Clover Call Center: 4’x3′ – 53″ High

The 4’x3′ Clover Call Center Cubicle has lower walls with clear glass panels. These cubicles can sit side-by-side or back-to-back in any size office.

5. Clover Call Center: 4’x3′ – 65″ High

The 4’x3′ Clover Call Center Cubicle is perfect for smaller spaces where you need more privacy. You can create a private desk cluster with our easy-to-move call center cubicles.

We are here to help you find the most popular call center cubicle

6. Clover Call Center: 5’x3′ – 53″ High

When you have more space and need less privacy, the 5’x3′ Clover Call Center Cubicle is perfect for you. This popular style combines functionality with moveability.

7. Clover Call Center: 5’x3′ – 65″ High

The 5’x3′ Clover Call Center Cubicle with 65″ walls is our largest option, with high walls and more floor space.

8. Clover Call Center: 5’x2′ – 65″ High

The 5’x2′ Clover Call Center Cubicle, which also comes in a 53″ height, is a wide option with high walls. It is smaller than the 5’x3′ version, so if you have less room to work with, this option might be right for you.

9. Sunline Sliding Boomerang: 5′ Wide – 53″ High

The Sunline Sliding Boomerang is easy to assemble and changes as you need it. You can seat multiple people in one space at any time.

10. Build Your Own Cubicle

If you want more control over what your call center station looks like, you can build your own with us. Custom cubicles are great if you have specific requirements or want a more personalized style.

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