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Your Go-To Guide for Choosing Environmentally Friendly Office Furniture

Your Go-To Guide for Choosing Environmentally Friendly Office Furniture


When it comes to outfitting your office space, is being green important to you? Sustainable, recycled and reclaimed furniture and materials are the cornerstones to creating a green office environment (and doing it in style). Here, your go-to guide for choosing environmentally friendly office furniture.

Types of green furniture

The most common types of green furniture usually feature metal, wood, recycled plastic, aluminum or steel. All of these components are either recyclable or sustainable. You may also lessen your company’s environmental imprint by reclaiming furniture, which includes purchasing the pre-owned office furniture that Arnolds specializes in.

In addition to the composition of the furniture, the way its finished is also something to consider. Some finishes contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which can be harmful by giving off a gas that causes high levels of indoor pollution.

Should my furniture be certified?

Ideally, your new eco-friendly office furniture should boast a certification proclaiming that it has been properly evaluated for its ecological impact and has passed with flying colors. Certifications come from the following organizations:

* Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification – Awarded to furniture made from sustainably harvested wood

* Green Guard Certification – Awarded to furniture that is made from non-toxic finishing materials

* Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Certification – Indicates that the furniture is made from safe materials that are completely recyclable

Keep in mind, you can still set up a green office without purchasing new eco-friendly furniture. Reclaimed or reused items may not have one of these certifications, but are still helping you do your part by being products that are already “in the system.”


Other considerations

Complementary materials – For more green options, look for materials like bamboo and cork, which are sustainably grown and harvested.

Buy local – Choosing furniture that is locally made cuts down on both the shipping cost and carbon footprint involved in transporting your purchase …plus you’re supporting local business. Call that a win-win-win!

Go high quality – When budgeting for furniture, plan to spend a little more to get furniture that is of good quality and will last. Having these items long-term will save on waste – and your bottom line.

Multi-tasking rules – If you’ve got a lunch table that can double as a conference table, you can save green both in your wallet and on the planet. Try to use other items in multi-purposing ways for big eco-impact and savings.

If making your office green (or greener) is a priority, we have you covered. Stay tuned for more ideas on greening up your workspace, as well as trends and ideas.

Posted by James Wilkie

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