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Buy Used Office Furniture for Delivery to Virginia and Save!

Start and finish your hunt for Virginia used office furniture at Arnolds Office Furniture. Our selection and service will beat any local retailer, and we’ll deliver your purchases right where you need them.

  • Great selection. You’ll find a variety of high-quality name-brand tables, chairs, desks and more in our 100,000 square foot warehouse. 
  • Great value. No need to shop around at local retailers for the best prices, you’ll always find them right here at Arnolds.
  • Great service. You can choose straight-to-your-door delivery or upgrade with Our White Glove service, which will deliver and install your office furniture exactly the way you want it.

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Why our customers locate their business in Virginia

There’s a reason Virginia is for (business) lovers.

In 2009, Virginia was ranked as America’s top state for business by CNBC and the best state for business by Forbes. With a highly educated work force that’s growing and a commitment to economic development, locating your business in the Commonwealth is one smart move.

Bordered by the beautiful Blue Ridge to the west and the Atlantic to the east, and no less than the nation’s capital to the north, Virginia is centrally located on a busy East Coast business corridor.

Find information, resources and tips for starting your business in Virginia on Business One Stop. Use the Business Registration System for a step-by-step guide on establishing your business, then find advice on how to expand it.