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The 5 Womanliest Offices in America

Not every lady has a super-girly office. But when a worker bee wants to express her inner queen bee, well, things can get weird in a hurry. Below, a collection of offices and cubicles so girly, it would make the manliest man start hankering after cupcakes and Barbie dolls.

1. And speaking of Barbie…
Please enjoy this Barbie Dream Office. We imagine that she drives to it in her Corvette, after leaving her Barbie Dream House. Presumably, Ken works down the street at the manlier version, which is still, weirdly, full of pastel colors and giant jewelry.

2. If Barbie were a real girl, she’d work here
This is really almost indistinguishable from the Barbie office, except for two important details: 1) There’s a picture of a pony and 2) This is a real office, in which a real person works.

3. Goodbye, Kitty!

We sort of thought the Hello, Kitty thing went out of style at the same time as carrying vintage lunchboxes as purses. But apparently, for true fanatics, the evil empress of animal icons will never, ever die. Don’t believe us? Here is a whole site devoted to one man’s battle against Hello, Kitty. There are seriously Hello, Kitty urinal cakes on this site.

4. Such a doll

Oh, look, an office decorated with dolls! It’s so sweet and … hey, is it just us, or do the eyes kind of follow you? No, seriously, did you see that one move? That one, over there. You know what? Maybe we’ll just work from home tomorrow.

5. You have reached the office of Bieber

This office is supposedly an April Fool’s Day prank, but given how crazy people are about the Biebs, we’re inclined not to believe it. We think this person loves Justin Bieber. We think this person writes “Mrs. Justin Bieber” over and over again in her Bieber-themed Trapper-Keeper.

Posted by James Wilkie

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