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The 5 Craziest Office Cubicles

The 5 Craziest Office Cubicles

Most of us out here in office cubicle land try to make some mark on our workspace (however small).

Maybe you have a photo of your kids from your last beach vacation or a pencil holder shaped like a zombie head. Maybe you have a miniature water fountain that relaxes you while also making you have to visit the restroom twice as often. Or, maybe you bought a little beta fish to swim around beside your computer just so you don’t have to suffer alone.

You like to have a little reminder that there is life beyond the office, but you don’t want to go overboard, lest you look unprofessional.

Then there are the people who refuse to toil away in a boring workspace punctuated by one or two decorations. These folks go the extra mile or five to make sure their cubicles reflect their interests for better or worse.

We tracked down some of the wildest desks on the web for your viewing amusement. Check them out:

1. What’s black and white and read all over?
We’re guessing the owners of this cubicle weren’t behind this rather thorough makeover. With everything from the walls, to the chair to the computer monitor covered in newspaper, it’s safe to say this person will have plenty to read should he get bored of filing expense reports (plus a crossword puzzle or two to do during long conference calls). He’s also all set for bring your puppy to work day (you know, in case of accidents…).

2. Nerd Alert
One way to get the attention of that cute girl over in accounting is to show off your awesome collection of Wonder Women dolls…err…action figures. Who can resist those bracelets and the awe-inspiring Lasso of Truth? Is that a “Wizard of Oz” coaster thrown in the mix as well? Let’s be honest, while slogging away at work, we’re all thinking “there’s not place like home.” This is one of the neatest tchotchke-filled desks we’ve come across, and we’re guessing he goes through a lot of canned air to keep those little bunnies dust-bunny free.

3. Has Anyone Seen My Desk?
Everyone has a co-worker who’s idea of cleanliness leaves a lot to be desired. Their piles of unfiled invoices tumble onto your desk from time to time and you’ve noticed ants marching back and forth from their keyboards, carrying Cheeto crumbs and french fry salt. One time you dangled a Hawaiian Breeze car air freshener on their desk lamp as a subtle hint to freshen up, but the suggestion was lost faster than the Hawaiian Breeze. Well, meet the granddaddy of all messy desks. We’re not even sure the owner of this desk has logged on to his computer in the past year (what with having to push aside her collection of panama hats and miniature biplanes) and we’re pretty sure she’s not getting much paperwork done either. Heck, there’s not even really a place to hide an air freshener.

4. Cube in the Club
Spinning records and playing music at a nightclub is a job, which makes the DJ booth kind of like a cubicle, right? If you think about it, it’s probably one of the coolest cubicles you can fine. First off, the loud music drowns out all the sounds of your annoying co-workers (aka drunken club goers), there’s usually a pretty cool light show (way better than flickering fluorescents), graffiti is considered acceptable workplace decor, and it’s perfectly okay to drink beer instead off coffee. Granted, this particular booth looks a little rough around the edges (maybe the dilapidated blinds and milk crate shelving make for some grunge appeal), but overall, this looks like nice work if you can get it.

Freud’s Desk
Say you were the founding father of psychoanalysis with a flair for history; you might skip decorating your desk with action figures and opt for a rotating display of sculptures from ancient Egypt, China, Greece and Rome like our friend Sigmund Freud did. Pictured is his desk in London, England, where he died after fleeing the Nazis in 1939. Of course, if you have co-workers with sticky fingers who can’t even be trusted not to steal your lunch, then loading up your desk with precious valuables might not be the wisest decision. However, if you play the role of office shrink, you might be able to channel the good doctor himself. According to a recording made by one of his patients, Freud’s “little statues and images helped stabilize the evanescent idea, or keep it from escaping altogether.”

Photo courtesy of Kyle and Kelly Adams/Flickr
Photo courtesy of TerryJohnston/Flickr
Photo courtesy of puuikibeach/Flickr
Photo courtesy of TheCreativePenn/Flickr
Photo courtesy of tauntingpanda/Flickr

Posted by James Wilkie

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