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Looking for Office Furniture Delivery to Minneapolis? Look no further! Arnold’s Office furniture is located in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania, but if you are looking for a nationally recognized used office furniture that can provide you with a unique selection at a great price, you’ve found the right place.

Here at Arnold’s, we have a wide variety of name-brand furniture that is ideal for your business.

  • High-quality selection. Arnold’s warehouse is an impressive 100,000 square feet and is filled to the brim with top-quality used office furniture that you are sure to love.
  • Hard-to-find used furniture. Our selection can’t be found just anywhere. We source high quality used cubicles and used office furniture and liquidate from Fortune 500 companies in major metro areas.
  • Rock Bottom Prices. This furniture is then sold to you for pennies on the dollar. Some of these cubicles cost as much as $30,000 new but they depreciate quickly. These same cubicles can be sold to our customers for as low as $1500!
  • Top-notch service. We don’t just tell you how to get your used office furniture delivered, we do it all. We’ll design your floor plan, find the furniture that’s right for you, deliver it, place it, and install it!
  • Need to see what you’re buying before you commit to a large project? Come see us! We’ll pay for your plane ticket! Call us for more details.

Arnold’s Top Selling Products in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Delivery and Installation at a Great Price

Delivery and Installation charges are based on distance from our warehouses as well as the complexity of the installation.  A simple installation might be as low as $150 per desk whereas a more complex installation might cost about $400 per cubicle.  In every case, we will work hard to combine items and we always secure multiple bids for shipping to your area to make sure you get the best price.  For an exact quote, please fill out the request a quote form with as much detail as possible and we will contact you promptly.

Make the Whole Process Simple with Help from our Partners

Contact Information: 612-444-2275

Moving Company: AAA Movers

AAA Movers is a full service moving and storage company that has been delivering outstanding performance and successful movers for 50 years. Since 1964, the AAA Movers team has been a leader in residential and corporate moves dedicated to providing reliable, reputable, reasonable, resourceful, and responsive solutions.

Services include:

  • Local and interstate moving 
  • Expert moving of fragile items
  • Personal service from moving specialists
  • Full service moving (packing, unpacking, storage, etc.)
  • Large fleet of vehicles
  • Advanced floor protection

Contact Information: 952-897-7700

Commercial Realty Company: Colliers International

The Minneapolis-St. Paul office of Colliers International has been providing clients with innovative real estate solutions and the state’s most comprehensive market knowledge for over 35 years. Our professionals specialize in understanding our clients’ unique business needs and offering customized real estate solutions in every commercial property type.

Services include:

  • Real estate brokerage
  • Management services
  • Investment services
  • Property marketing
  • Project management
  • Research
  • Property valuations and advisory

Contact Information: 612-545-5745

Coworking Space: COCO

COCO is a dream accelerator — a destination for building your venture and exploring new possibilities in the company of other creators. We offer memberships that provide access to multiple coworking locations, meeting venues and educational and social events.

Services include:

  • Access to all coworking spaces 
  • Coffee, tea, and water
  • Guest access for meeting spaces
  • Discounted day passes
  • Wifi
  • Meeting rooms
  • Community events
  • Business services (printing/scanning/copier)
  • Dog friendly

Contact Information: 612-673-5072 

Business Financing: Alternative Financing Program

This program, through the City of Minneapolis, provides financing to purchase equipment and/or make building improvements. A private lender provides half the financing at their rate of return, and the City provides the rest, up to $50,000, at a 2 percent rate of return. The term (up to 10 years) is set by the lender. Private lender fees vary, and the City charges an origination fee of 1 percent of the City’s principal amount with a minimum of $150, due at closing.

Services include:

  • Loans to small Minneapolis-based businesses to be used for rehab work and equipment
  • Must make efforts to employ Minneapolis residents

Contact Information:

Business Association: 38th and Chicago

The 38th and Chicago Business Association, a Minneapolis small business development center, was founded with the professed goal of creating an environment where small businesses and non-profits can come together to discuss identity, collectively network, share concerns, and fuel inspirations for our community. Since that time the 38th and Chicago Business Association has grown and strengthened. Now serving a broader demographic of business owners and neighborhood residents, 38th and Chicago is here to help.

Services include:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Work with the city of Minneapolis
  • Help encourage positive growth

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