Buy Used Office Furniture for Delivery to Manhattan and Save!


Arnold’s Office furniture is located in Bridgeport, PA, but if you have a need for used office furniture in Manhattan, you’ve found the right place. There are plenty of reasons why Arnolds has the most unique and affordable furniture you’ll find in the city.

We offer the best selection of quality fixtures and desks or conference tables. Our warehouse space holds furniture that we have acquired from businesses throughout the country, and the 100,000 square feet of space is filled to the brim with all kinds of furniture that will match your existing décor.

Our strong client base and regular acquisitions allow us to offer the best prices you’ll find anywhere in New York City. You won’t believe how affordable you can refurnish the office for when you purchase through Arnolds.

We strive to leave you satisfied with your experience—from the order to the delivery. For your convenience, we will deliver your shipment right to your door. If you want to take advantage of our White Glove service, we’ll install and place your furniture right where you need it.

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Why our customers locate their business in Manhattan

manhattan-office-furniture-2Do we even need to say anything about Manhattan? It’s one of the key cultural, financial, and technological centers of the world economy, with a gross domestic product of $1.2 trillion, making it one of the biggest economies in the world.

As such, it’s got an enormous and thriving business culture, with new businesses opening and start-ups growing all the time. But even businesses in one of the biggest economies in the world still needs office furniture. Arnolds lets major corporations and tiny start-ups alike find the best possible office furniture at the best possible prices.

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