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Why our customers locate their business in Indianapolis

If you’re looking to move your business to the Midwest, there are plenty of reasons to consider Indianapolis. The 11th largest city in the country is one of the most affordable to live in, named by Forbes as one of “America’s Best Bang for Your Buck Cities” in 2008. For a business owner, this means you can save on real estate, taxes and utilities.

In addition to being affordable, Indianapolis is easy to get to. The Crossroads of America boasts five major interstate highways, five rail lines and three ports.

The city, which started out as a manufacturing powerhouse, has diversified its economy. Today, health care, retail and the service industry are now growing as well as tourism, which is bolstered by the city’s conscience investment into hosting major sporting events like the Indianapolis 500 and the 2012 Super Bowl.

Other lists the city has made:

There are several resources to use when relocating to or starting your business in Indianapolis.

Visit the Resources section of for demographic and economic numbers, useful statistics, real estate information, workforce solutions and partner organizations. Turn to the Indiana Department of Revenue’s New and Small Business Education Center for information on state laws, the tax-filing process and services that will help your business grow. For more information on workforce development, visit

When you’re ready to add furniture, browse our inventory and contact us if you have any questions.