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  • Laminate Rectangular Lunchroom Table

    72” x 30”
    SKU: 794
    Measuring 72” x 30” overall, these extra-long, laminated lunch tables with decorative trim and sturdy bases will make a handsome addition to your company’s lunchroom.
  • Laminate Lunch Table

    42" x 38"
    SKU: 792
    Measuring 42” x 30” overall, these laminated lunch tables with decorative trim and sturdy bases will be a hit with your office mates.
  • Lunchroom Tables

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 789
    You’ll appreciate these handsome, 4-person lunchroom tables which foster conversation among colleagues with their more intimate size.
  • Lunch Room Tables

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 787
    With their sleek styling, these lunch tables will blend perfectly with almost any office decor. You’ll love how easy they are to keep clean—just a quick swipe and they’re done....
  • Laminate Training Table

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 785
    These training tables, measuring 66 inches in length and 20” in depth, will easily accommodate two people for your company’s training courses. Made with a heavy-duty laminate top, ...
  • Two-Tone Cherry Side Table

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 783
    Two-tone cherry side table with detailed legs and decorative wood struts will make a strong, first impression on visitors to your office. Priced at just $275 including professional...
  • Traditional Side Table

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 781
    This striking side table with traditional styling, including decorative wood struts and recessed top, will symbolize your exceptionally good taste in office furnishings. Available ...
  • Traditional Coffee Table

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 778
    This Custom Traditional Coffee table comes with 5 glass sections.
  • Round Conversion Table

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 776
    This round conversion table with detailed edging and slender legs will be perfect for your office. It has two leaves which open to accommodate a total of four people comfortably.
  • Round Conversion Side Table

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 773
    You’ll love how this traditionally-styled conversion side table lends an added touch of class to even the most formal office.
  • Marble Top Round Table

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 771
    Our round table with its dark green marble and beautifully-striped wood trim is set atop a stylish, contemporary base. You’ll treasure this striking table for years to come.
    $1,050.00 $675.00
  • Marble Table with Mahogany Trim

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 769
    Measuring 42 inches in diameter, this beautifully-veined marble table with mahogany trim will be the crowning glory of your office. We have just one in stock—order before it’s gone...
  • Maple Side Table

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 767
    With its simple lines, this square, maple side table makes a valuable extra work space for team meetings in your office. Priced at just $80 including professional refinishing.
  • Mahogany Side Table

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 765
    Round mahogany side table easily blends with a variety of office decors. You’ll really appreciate its value at $75 each—only two left, comes with professional refinishing.
  • Mahogany Side Table

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 763
    Graceful mahogany side table can be used with both contemporary and traditional styles to complete your office decor. In excellent condition.
  • Cherry Side Table

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 761
    This cherry side table with sunburst pattern will make a welcome addition to your office. Priced at just $80 a piece including professional refinishing.
  • Maple Laminate Coffee Table

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 759
    With its clean lines and gleaming surface, this Maple wood laminate coffee table will become the centerpiece of your office.
  • Cherry Coffee Table

    *Call For Dimensions
    SKU: 757
    Imagine how this beautiful cherry wood coffee table will grace your office with its contemporary, clean styling.
  • Cherry Coffee Table

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 755
    This beautiful cherry wood coffee table with detailed legs and simply-styled top will make a handsome addition to your office—and impress your visitors.
  • Maple Contemporary Round Table

    42” diameter
    SKU: 753
    Measuring 42 inches in diameter, this contemporary round table made of maple wood and a contrasting metal base will be the focal point of your office.
  • Queen Anne Round Table

    *Call For Dimensions
    SKU: 751
    This Queen Anne round table is the epitome of style and grace with its beautifully carved legs and detailed edging around the top. You’ll feel like a queen (or a king), seated at t...
  • Laminate Round Table

    SKU: 749
    Measuring 36 inches in diameter, this laminate round table works perfectly for informal meetings in your office or in a small conference room. With its neutral color, the laminate ...
  • Inlaid Cherry Round Table

    *Call For Dimensions
    SKU: 747
    Seated atop a matching pedestal, this round table features an expansive surface of gleaming cherry wood measuring 42 inches in diameter. Impress everyone who visits your office wit...
  • Cherry Round Table

    42" Diameter
    SKU: 745
    Our gleaming cherry wood round table will be the focus of your office, impressing clients and colleagues alike. The tables come in three sizes: a standard 36-inch table plus two la...
  • Round Table

    60” diameter
    SKU: 743
    This contemporary round table will wow visitors to your office with its sleek, black top accented with a warm wood trim. Measuring 60 inches in diameter, you can comfortably seat f...
  • High Tech Glass/Chrome Side Table

    *Call For Dimensions
    SKU: 88
    This high-tech, glass table with chrome base will brighten up your office and works well with different design schemes. In great condition and priced at only $175.
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Office Tables

An office needs more than just desks and cubicles. From side tables to coffee tables, make your office feel like home with the addition of an extra piece of furniture or two. An office can feel more inviting by adding elements that remind your employees and visitors of their own home. It’s the personal touch that a desking system just can’t achieve on its own. We offer tables in every style and finish, from modern to classic, to match your current office décor.

Office décor done right

Adding a sitting area with a coffee table to your office is the perfect way to make your office space feel inviting to both employees and clients. Your office is a place of business, but adding homey elements to make your employees feel comfortable has been proven effective to boost productivity and workplace happiness. Decorate your seating area with a coffee table or side table.

Round coffee tables really bring it all together when you’re decorating a sitting area, whether in your personal office, a meeting room or reception space. A small side table not only adds charm to your office space, but also brings the décor together when you match the finish to other pieces of furniture in your office.

Here at Arnold’s, we understand that while you care about the look and feel of your office, you don’t need to overpay when it comes to decorating your office. That’s why we offer used office tables that have been refurbished to look like new, at a fraction of the cost of what new office table would cost you.

We would love to assist you with your decorating goals for your office. Our selection of small work tables and round tables is guaranteed to impress you, and we’re excited to get started. Contact us today and let our experts help you find the perfect table for your office.