Modern Open Plan Office

Modern Open Plan Office

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  • Modern series L desk IOF-24

    SKU: 8469
    QTY: 500
    Modern series L desk available in many finishes.
    $2,470.00 $1,580.00
  • WorkWall Modern series L desk IOF-5

    SKU: 8451
    QTY: 300
    WorkWall Modern series L desk, available in many colors.
    $2,890.00 $1,985.00
  • WorkWall™ Team Open Plan System

    SKU: 8040
    QTY: 1,800
    Modern high tech design of the future. Glass panels, Lower storage, shelving, drawer space, tool rail with accessories, Great price!
    $1,695.00 $1,295.00
  • Haworth Benching System

    SKU: 8016
    QTY: 200
    Haworth Benching systems, perfect for the budget projects.
    $899.00 $599.00
  • Steelcase Montage open plan 6’x6′

    6' x 6'
    SKU: 1754
    QTY: 55
    Steelcase Montage is at the top of our Steelcase line of used cubicles. Each comes with a tiled system with two drawer pedestals, one whiteboard in every cube. Great condition.
    $1,695.00 $1,095.00
  • Work Wall Office

    *Pre-order today
    SKU: 1717
    QTY: 1,000
    These modular desking system is more like an office! Each system comes with a giant wardrobe, a storage tower, and a spacious desk, providing utility and style! Match the color of ...
  • Herman Miller Resolve

    SKU: 1239
    QTY: 85
    High tech Resolve by Herman Miller, call for more details.
  • Ultra modern desking system

    SKU: 586
    QTY: 500
    The Ultra Modern system is made with high tech materials, black laminate surfaces, frosted glass dividers, black drawers and high tech legs for the ultimate in today's modern ...
  • Tec-Desk Open Plan System

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 566
    QTY: 1,000
    Promote collaboration in your office by installing a state of the art, customizable Tec-Desk system. Choose from two leg options, add frosted glass divider panels, monitor arms and...
  • Maple wood desking system by Steelcase=X

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 584
    QTY: 1,200
    Steelcase maple wood inline desking system with shared lateral files and glass dividers, size is 6'x2.5' with maple wood work surfaces and wood trim, custom fabric and power in eac...
  • Herman Miller Ethospace open plan cubicles

    6'x6', 6'x8', 8'x8'
    SKU: 7986
    QTY: 600
    Herman Miller Ethospace is one of the best open plan systems in the market today. Each system comes with frosted glass panels and a contemporary design that fits most office enviro...
    $1,895.00 $1,295.00
  • Open Plan Workstations: Relaxing & Inspiring

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 578
    QTY: 200
    These open plan concept workstations manufactured by Arnolds Office Furniture can be configured in many different combinations. They can be customized choosing any color fabric as ...
  • Steelcase Montage Pinwheel system

    SKU: 8035
    QTY: 2,000
    Fit 4 people in a 7'x7' space. Great modern design.
    $995.00 $795.00
  • Ultra Desk System

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 572
    QTY: 500
    This configuration is priced at $988 per workstation and offers a 6’ x 6’ work area for each person plus a mobile pedestal for extra seating (every pedestal also contains two file ...
  • High Tech Desking System: Great for Collaboration

    SKU: 575
    QTY: 200
    This High Tech Desk System comes complete with a generous 6’ x 6’ work area and built-in three-drawer file cabinet. Frosted glass dividers provide additional privacy without hinder...
  • Herman Miller Ethospace Open Plan System

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 564
    QTY: 1,200
    Check out these Herman Miller Ethospace top of the line open plan system. This system comes with many extras at no additional charge! Each desk has one BBF pedestal, one tool rail ...
  • Eco-Friendly High Tech Desk System

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 277
    QTY: 1,000
    Open Plan Plus is a simple desking system that is eco-friendly too! The desks are made from recycled work surfaces and look great! All systems come with drawer pedestals and froste...
  • High Tech Modular Pods: Perfect for Teams

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 580
    QTY: 1,000
    These High Tech Modular Pods are in great condition and can be configured in clusters of 3- and 6-work surfaces to accommodate small team collaboration. The clusters come in a stan...
  • “NEW” Spacesaver Desking System 5’x5′

    SKU: 7967
    QTY: 2,000
    NEW spacesaver desking system is 5'x5'. Fit 4 people comfortably in a 10'x10' space. Modern design with glass dividers, mobile drawers with seat cushion.
    $1,195.00 $795.00
  • Eco-Friendly High Tech Desk System

    SKU: 95
    QTY: 500
    Perfect for today’s open plan environment, the High Tech Desk System is available in three convenient sizes: 60-, 66- and 72-inch versions. Still not right? Ask us about our custom...
  • Modern Desk Credenza set IOF16

    SKU: 8463
    QTY: 500
    Modern series desk/credenza sets available in many finishes.
    $2,900.00 $1,870.00
  • Modern L desk IOF-19

    SKU: 8465
    QTY: 500
    Modern design with credenza return, Lateral file and box drawers, desk with modesty panel. available in many finishes.
    $2,800.00 $1,970.00

    6' x 6'
    SKU: 502
    QTY: 50
    Steelcase Montage segmented tile desking system. 6' x 6', 56" high panels with glass, drop down to 45" high. This system comes FULLY LOADED with powered spine panels. High/low work...
  • WorkWall Modern desk/credenza set

    SKU: 8420
    Modern design, available in 5 colors, call for more information.
    $3,045.00 $2,660.00
  • WorkWall modern exec L desk IOF-7

    SKU: 8457
    QTY: 300
    WorkWall Modern series executive L desk wall unit, available in many colors.
    $3,950.00 $2,760.00
  • WorkWall Modern series L desk IOF-1

    SKU: 8439
    QTY: 300
    WorkWall tm, Modern Design L desk series available on many colors.
    $2,890.00 $2,270.00
  • WorkWall Modern series L desk IOF-4

    SKU: 8449
    QTY: 300
    WorkWall modern series L shape, many colors available, lots of storage and modern design.
    $3,440.00 $2,285.00
  • WorkWall Modern L shape desk set

    SKU: 8417
    Modern design with raised floating work surfaces, two color options, light tan and dark mahogany. Overhead unit with glass doors an storage.
    $2,970.00 $2,480.00
  • WorkWall Modern Exec L desk IOF-26

    SKU: 8471
    QTY: 500
    WorkWall executive series modern design available in many finishes.
    $3,790.00 $2,465.00
  • WorkWall Modern series U shape IOF-2

    SKU: 8442
    QTY: 300
    WorkWall Modern series U shape office available in many color's, lots of storage and lower unit with seat.
    $3,850.00 $2,970.00
  • WorkWall Modern Exec Office IOF-6

    SKU: 8453
    QTY: 300
    Large modern executive office with wardrobe and lots of storage, may color's available.
    $4,955.00 $3,885.00
  • WorkWall Modern Exec L desk IOF22

    SKU: 8467
    QTY: 500
    WorkWall Modern series available in many finishes, L shape with fill wall unit, lots of filing space and storage.
    $4,980.00 $3,565.00
  • WorkWall Modern series U shape IOF-3

    SKU: 8446
    QTY: 300
    Modern WorkWall U shape office available in many colors, loaded with storage.
    $4,550.00 $3,750.00
  • Herman Miller Call Centers

    SKU: 8020
    QTY: 500
    Sleek modern look, these 2'x4'call center systems are great for an upscale look.
    $499.00 $429.00
  • High Tech Office Ultra-Modern

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 615
    QTY: 300
    This ultra modern high tech office is today's look and we have plenty in stock with two overhead cabinets, wardrobe, lots of storage and filing space, glass modesty panel and more.
  • Work Wall Pods

    *Call for sizes and colors
    SKU: 1365
    QTY: 1,000
    Work Wall, designed by Arnolds Office Furniture, is a full-customizable, modern desking system that is bolted to a secure wall. The system is made of modular components that can be...
  • Work Wall Pinwheel Pods

    7' x 7'
    SKU: 1625
    QTY: 1,000
    The days of cramming people into a small space are over.  Introducing Work Wall Pinwheel Pods.  These office work pods provide a collaborative and comfortable environment for teams...
    $799.00 $499.00
  • Haworth High Tech Pod system

    *Call for Dimensions
    SKU: 582
    QTY: 200
    Haworth High Tech pod system with generous 6' work surfaces. One boomerang surface, one BBF pedestal. 42" high panels. Glass stack on panels available. ** Price quoted is for ...
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Benefits of an Open Plan Office Workstation

First things first: What is an open plan office? An open plan office space layout is an alternative to cubicles (Looking for cubicles instead? Click here for our office cubicles selection.) Rather than having an individual space for each employee to set up shop, an open plan office has everyone together, in a collaborative space. There are many different types of open plan offices – from an open collaborative space for all employees to a mixture of long tables with smaller offices for upper management.

One of the main reason more and more business are choosing open plan office settings is to increase collaboration and communication among employees. By getting rid of the walls, you can facilitate frequent conversation which should lead to increased creativity and productivity. Another huge benefit of open plan offices are the reduced costs. When more people work in less space, you can save money on real estate. Plus, smaller desks or low-wall cubicles cost less than traditional cubicles.

Set Up for Success with an Open Plan Office

This design generally provides fewer distinct corners and encourages more interaction between employees. Characteristics of open plan office furniture usually include short screens or panels, and sometimes see-through acrylic or mesh. It creates a larger office workstation that encourages more interaction, and a much larger sense of space. While some might miss their closed-in spaces, open plan offices are a great alternative to a typical office building – especially with so many companies choosing to have telecommute options and more flexible work schedules for their employees.

Many believe an open plan workplace can also lead to company growth. With fewer obstructions between employees, there are more opportunities for open discussion and innovation. Not to mention, with less blocking walls, an open plan office layout is more flexible for a growing staff – not to mention in some cases savings in lighting costs.

Finding the Perfect Open Plan Office Furniture

The right workspace may even help your teams more thoroughly enjoy their job. A comfortable, modern work environment can improve morale and production. That’s why at Arnold’s we carry plenty of options to truly turn your office into a modern and efficient workplace. With standard or eco-friendly options, from top brands like Steelcase, Herman Miller, and Tec-Desk, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect open plan system to meet your office’s needs.

At Arnold’s, we understand that office furniture is more than just a place for employees to sit. These state-of-the-art desking systems allow your team to work both collaboratively and comfortably. We’ll help you pick the right open plan furniture, make sure it gets delivered straight to your office, all at an unbeatable price.

Let our team help you find the cubicles of your dreams today. We can help you find the best cubicles for any workplace: request a quote today and we’ll contact you with next steps. Or, just give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have. We can’t wait to hear from you!